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Class Blog- What have we been learning this week?

Week 7- 14/12/20-18/12/20

The run up to the Christmas holiday! :) All the children are very excited!

We have been looking at the Christmas Nativity story and talking about the different parts.

We have enjoyed a variety of Christmas activities and crafts throughout the week. 

We finished the week by watching Christmas films and changing our role-play area. The children all helped to create our new role-play 'Jack and the Beanstalk Castle', ready for our topic of 'Traditional Tales' in the Spring Term.



Week 6- 7/12/20-11/12/20

A busy Christmas activity filled week! We have decorated Christmas candles, made Christmas head bands and started writing our letters to Father Christmas! 

We have enjoyed painting activities this week and have done some colour by number activities. We have practised writing our numbers and sounds. We have nearly finished our phase 2 sounds! 


Week 5 30/12/20-04/12/20

A very busy and fun week. We put up our class Christmas tree and made lots of decorations to hang on it. We created our craft project for the Nativity display which can be seen on the Breakfast club windows. (We do hope you go and have a look). We have also changed our roleplay to a Santa's grotto. 

In addition to this, we also had the Toy service and was amazed at everyone's generosity. 



Week 4 23/11/20-27/11/20


This week the children have practised lots of phonics sounds and have played lots of segmenting and blending games. They have practised their letter formation. They have made Diwali cards and have enjoyed our new toys. 



Week 3 16/11/20-20/11/20

This week has been a very busy week. We have been learning all about Diwali. We have made our own Diwali diya lamps and our role-play area has been changed into an Indian palace from the 'Rama and Sita' Diwali story. 

We have practised the sounds 's,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,ck,e and u' and practised writing these sounds on our whiteboards and in sand. 

The children have been practising lots of blending and segmenting sounds this week. We have looked at pictures and have then built the word to match the picture using cut up sounds. I have also been very impressed with their keyword recognition!

In Maths, we have looked at recognising numbers and subitising ( knowing quantities without counting) and have used number fans to show amounts. 

As this week was 'Anti-Bullying week', we have also been looking at kindness and lots of our circle times have been on how we can be kind to people. Following this, some of the children decided to make cards and pictures to give to adults and their friends (who help them) which was lovely to see! 



Week 2 09/11/20-13/11/20

We have been learning all about Remembrance Day. We have made our own poppies using tissue paper and we had a 2 minute silence on the 11th. We talked about why this was important and why we have a 'poppy day'. We also looked at 'Children in Need' and discussed what this meant.

The children have been enjoying watching 'number blocks' and they asked if they could make giant 'number blocks'. All the children worked together to make a giant number block for a number line. All the children thoroughly enjoyed this. 

We have played lots of games involving dice this week. We have also used number fans and practised writing some of our numbers and sounds. 


Week 1 Autumn Term 2



We are learning all about different celebrations. We looked at bonfire night and how to stay safe around fireworks and we have talked about birthday parties. Our roleplay area is set up as a birthday party and the children have been making birthday cards. 

We have been practising our sounds : s,a,t,p,i,n,m and d. We have also been learning how to write these.

The children have enjoyed a variety of crafts where they have been making firework rocket pictures and drawings. 






Week 6          12/10/20-16/10/20


This week we have practised ordering numbers to 10. We have sang songs, counted to 20 and put actions to these. We have learnt our 'satpin' sounds and have enjoyed reading lots of stories. We read 'Farmer Duck' and learnt about the importance of teamwork. We have also had lots of fun creating trains and cars using massive cardboard boxes. We enjoyed using the soft play during our P.E session where we practised moving like different animals. 


We have also continued our learning all about Harvest. We have read books, looked at videos and learnt about the Artist ‘Giuseppe Arcimboldo’. Giuseppe Arcimboldo painted pictures of different fruits, vegetables, meat and fish together to make portraits of people. We have used Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s art pieces for inspiration!

We have each made a face using pictures of fruits and vegetables. We cut out the pictures of the different fruits and vegetables and arranged them on a blank face template to create the different facial features. Can you spot your picture? Can you spot what fruit and vegetables we have used?


Harvest picture video.mp4

Still image for this video

Week 5 - 05/10/20-09/10/20


This week we have been learning about Harvest. We have watched videos on ‘Harvest and Autumn’ and talked about what this means. We have talked about why we celebrate Harvest and looked at different fruits and vegetables. We talked about our favourite fruits and vegetables during a circle time and played a Harvest mystery object game.  We have been looking at the Artist-Giuseppe Arcimbold and have used this for inspiration to produce artwork for our Harvest Worship (which will be uploaded to our class page shortly for you to see).


We have also been learning our first set of phonics sounds and have been playing phonics games. We have listened to the jolly phonics songs and joined in with the actions.


In music, we have listened to music on Charanga. We found the pulse (steady beat) and practised using different actions in time to the music. Lots of children then volunteered to perform their actions to the class.


In maths we have been practising counting to 20 and listened to lots of counting sounds. We have played lots of matching games and went on a hunt to find matching pairs of pictures hidden around the classroom.


This week, we have also joined the whole school worship via zoom and chosen our first Star of the Week!

A busy but great week!


Week 4-  28/09/20-02/10/20


This week we have looked at Autumn and the changes this brings. We looked at videos on Autumn and played a spot the Autumnal object game. In phonics, we have practised listening to different sounds. We have also started learning our first sound ‘S’. We have been practising how to write this sound using the correct letter formation and also practised how to write our names.  

In maths, we have been focusing on numbers to 10. We have been playing mathematical games on the IWB.

In P.E. we have practised getting dressed and undressed independently and practised moving like different animals.



Week 3 21/09/20- 25/09/20

Wow! Their first full week at school!

All the children have tried very hard this week and I am sure that many are very tired! They have all coped extremely well with their new finishing time. I am very proud of them!


This week we have been continuing our learning about ourselves. We have looked at the book 'Owl Babies' and created our own Owl baby pictures using tissue paper, card and other materials.

We have been on the bikes, experimented with mark making in paint, made crowns and read some funny stories, along with lots of other exciting activities such as using the programmable 'Bee-bots'( All the children thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with how to make them move in different directions).

In addition to this, we have also practised our counting and writing our names.  The children have enjoyed watching 'number blocks' during a few of our snack times and many decided to make their own number block pictures, practising writing the numerals to match!


More routines have been established this week. The children have joined in with 'break times' and 'lunch times' outside on the playground and the MUGA.

Well done Reception Class! 


Have a nice weekend!

Mrs Lord









Week 2 14/09/20-18/09/20


Another great week had by all! 

This week we played lots of sharing and turn taking games in our Key person groups. We also painted pictures of our faces and practised holding our paint brushes correctly. The children took part in lots of counting activities, maths games and practised their scissor skills. 


This half term, Reception Class are learning all about the Season ‘Autumn’, so this week we watched Autumn videos on ‘Espresso’ and then made our own Autumn tree pictures. The children drew around their hands for the trunk of the tree and then used tissue paper to fill it in. They then used different printing techniques to create the leaves. They used printing stamps, corks and toilet roll tubes (snipped around the edge) to create the different leaves for their trees. They chose what colours they needed and had lots of fun!  


Next week the children are full time!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lord



Week 1- 07/09/20-11/09/20 

Our first week!

Wow!! I cannot believe that we have been at school a week already! The children have settled in amazingly well and this week has been fun-filled and busy, time spent with getting to know each other and getting used to our classroom, routines and expectations. (I will take photos of our classroom and upload them next week so that you can see what our room is like!)


This week we have been trying to learn lots of names and have been sharing and turn taking. We have been completing our play-based learning inside and outside of the classroom and have had lots of fun with lots of exciting toys! (The cars, pirate ship, slide and painting activities went down very well!!)

We have also read lots of stories (including my favourite book- Stuck) and enjoyed our snack times whilst watching and looking at Numberblocks. If you would like your child to receive free school milk until they are 5 years old, then please do sign up for this as this will then be given during our snack times. 


Next week, we plan to continue playing lots of sharing, turn taking and getting to know each other games. We will be staying for lunch (children need to bring a nut-free packed lunch) and we will be going for a tour of the outside of the school to show children the different areas and playground that we have (including a brand new and exciting forest school area with climbing equipment etc). We will also begin to practise writing our names, complete learning in our key person groups and start to look at our Phase 1 phonics. 

We will be painting portraits of ourselves and looking at our facial features. We will talk about our friends and families, whilst looking at similarities and differences amongst these. 


If over the next few weeks, you are able to bring in at some point, some baby or family photos in to school (in their bookbags), this would be great! We will then quarantine and look at these in class. It would be lovely for the children to talk about themselves and the people who are important to them! I will also send home an 'All About Me' booklet if anyone wishes to complete it and then it can be brought back into school. 


A busy, but fun, week planned!!! laugh