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Covid 19

Since March 2022 when the final Covid restrictions were lifted the UK Health and Security Agency (UKHSA) has advised that COVID-19 should be managed like other respiratory infections, such as flu, and that COVID-19 presents a low risk to children and young people. This, combined with high vaccination rates in the population, means there are no longer specific rules relating to COVID-19 in schools, colleges, childcare and other education settings.


What happens if a staff member or my child tests positive for COVID-19?

For children and young people aged 18 and under who test positive for COVID-19, the advice is to try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for three days. This is because children and young people tend to be infectious to other people for less time than adults. If, after three days, your child is feeling well and does not have a temperature, they can return to school. 



The UKHSA has also published public health guidance on living safely with respiratory infections, including COVID-19.

Remote Learning Policy

All updates regarding Covid 19 will be sent to Parents via ParentMail.