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Foundation Class

Welcome to Foundation Stage Class!




During our time in the Reception class we learn the importance and joy of being part of our school community, by joining in with school routines and events.  By the end of the year we are confident, independent and firmly established within school life.

Curriculum Subjects

In the Foundation Class we follow the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum (EYFS).  During the day we learn through play, exploring and discovering from all the learning areas in our classroom.


These 7 learning areas include:


Prime Areas - Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, and Communication and Language


Specific Areas - Numeracy, Literacy, Understanding the World, and Expressive Arts and Design


Reading is a very important part of the Early Years curriculum, so we spend a lot of time enjoying listening to and joining in with a variety of stories.  A strong grasp of phonics helps us to become independent readers.


Key Class information


Spring Term 1 Timetable


  • Reading Records Check (Reward stickers given for reading 5 x per week)
  • Gymnastics (Sports Coach)


  • PE (Sports coach)


  • Home Learning due in


  • Visit to the school library


  • Keyword checks and new sets given
  • Home Learning given




  • Reading 5 x per week- Checked every Monday for Reading Reward stickers
  • Keywords- Weekly check on a Friday
  • Phonics/letter formation homework- Due in every Wednesday. Given on a Friday. 
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