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Welcome to Foundation Stage Class!

This is our school. With God’s help we care for one another, are curious in our learning, and know we are all loved.

Luke 10:27  'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbour as yourself.'

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Reception Home School Learning



Hi everyone! laugh

How is it July already? 2 and half more weeks to go of this term! 


 For those who are not returning to school, I will still be putting learning ideas on here to help with your learning from home.  These will now be uploaded every Wednesday by 12pm. I really hope you are all well and staying safe.  I have also included a couple of social stories to read to your children about their return to school and to help them understand and adjust to the new routines.

Missing you all and hope to see you all soon!

Take care,

Mrs Lord


Please remember, there is no expectation that you complete all of these activities or pdf links that are listed below. They are just a list of ideas and activities for you to choose from, if you wish, (that link to our learning) to support learning at home to make it as easy for you parents as possible.



 Topic of the week: SPACE



Physical Development:

Scissor skills. Make a 2d shape rocket. Draw different shapes onto a piece of paper. Cut out the shapes and make a rocket.  



-Play Obb and Bob online game (phonics play- resources- username: march20          password: home )

Then children to make their own Obb and Bob. Feed Obb/Bob real and nonsense words. Children to have a selection of words to feed Obb and Bob and then to write their own.

-Play sound snap. Write the different sounds on squares of paper and duplicate these. Play snap. Say the sounds each time turned over, then say snap when they are the same.


Write a thank you letter to someone.


Maths: Estimate number of objects (make a clever guess). Place toys on a tray. Cover with a tea towel. How many objects do you think there are? Uncover and check. Repeat with different amounts.


 Keywords: Practise reading the next set of keywords if you have learnt the previous set. (See attached list for keywords).

Recap writing a selection of keywords from sets 4 +5. Can you write these in a simple sentence?



See if you can find any books about space. Please continue reading using the selection of books that you have at home or from the Oxford Owls link below. You could also try listening to stories too at: or on youtube kids. 


Creative: Create a model of a rocket. You could use construction toys or junk modelling. What materials will you use?


Life skill:  Match up the clean socks from the laundry with your grown up. How many pairs do you have? 


RE/ PSHE: Value for this half term: Trust

Please be aware of any adverts on the youtube link that may pop up. Watch the video with an adult.

Teachers in schools may like to show this brand new video of Peter and the Wolf, where characters are played by child and adult actors, pets, animated characters and a bath-time duck!  It is accessible for all even the very youngest, it lasts for 27 minutes and is delightful to watch.  The musicians are from the London Mozart Players and the narrator is Alexander Armstrong.


Fine motor skills/ scissor skills: Handwriting booklets. Please practise the correct letter formation.


Creative Kickstart: Create a model of a rocket. What materials will you use?


Singing rhymes and songs: Watch and listen to 'This old man'. 

Activities from last week:

World Book Day- Design your favourite book character on a potato!!

World Book Day- Design your favourite book character on a potato!! 1



During our time in the Reception class we learn the importance and joy of being part of our school community, by joining in with school routines and events.  By the end of the year we are confident, independent and firmly established within school life.

Curriculum Subjects

In the Foundation Class we follow the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum (EYFS).  During the day we learn through play, exploring and discovering from all the learning areas in our classroom.


These 7 learning areas include:


Prime Areas - Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, and Communication and Language


Specific Areas - Numeracy, Literacy, Understanding the World, and Expressive Arts and Design


Reading is a very important part of the Early Years curriculum, so we spend a lot of time enjoying listening to and joining in with a variety of stories.  A strong grasp of phonics helps us to become independent readers.



  • Reading 5 x per week- Checked every Monday for Reading Reward stickers
  • Keywords- Weekly check on a Friday
  • Phonics/letter formation homework- Due in every Wednesday. Given on a Friday. 
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