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Fun History Activities


Fun History Activities


  1. Make a mini-museum at home with different pieces of information, videos, pictures and models that you’ve made and show them to your family.

  2. Watch Horrible Histories clips and research what has been said for accuracy.

  3. Make a time-capsule with a few of today’s items and a newspaper. Store it somewhere safe or bury it in the garden so that either you or someone in the future can see what was happening today.

  4. Create a fact book about different periods of history. Try to include really silly facts or gross ones!

  5. Write a story about someone or something from history. Use real people or events but change some of the things that happened to them. This is called historical fiction!

  6. Make a video showing off everything that you’ve done and learnt about history at home to share with your family, your friends and your teacher when you go back to school!

  7. Create a PowerPoint about something you love in history.

  8. Create an eBook using Book Creator on iOS about something you love in history.

  9. Create a green screen video using the DoInk Green Screen app and a blank wall – just don’t wear the same colour clothes as the wall you’re filming against!

  10. Create quizzes about events, people or periods of history that you are interested in.

  11. Create a timeline of all of your favourite periods of history.

  12. Make up your own history-based games or download them:

  13. Create songs about history using apps like Garageband.

  14. Start a project about your favourite person or period of history with different sections.

  15. Make your own historical treasure trail with QR codes for your family to follow: Copy and paste website URLs, save the image and print it out. Then use the Camera app on iOS or Android to scan the code and load up the website, picture or video.