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Mr Caswell's 2020/2021 Class Blog


Welcome back! It is really wonderful to be back with the children after such a long time apart - hopefully we all stay fit, healthy and well and can continue our learning journey together as a class.


We have had a busy first two weeks back in Year 6 and have commenced our new topics in science and history and have reminded ourselves of some of the fundamentals in Maths and English. This week we have also completed a full set of practise SATS papers in order to acquaint the children with the style of the tests and allow me as the class teacher to tailor my teaching to the needs of the class and the individuals. These results should come home next week at some point. For those of you unfamiliar with the SATS process, please see my SATS portal below, which I will continue to update with links, resources and material as the year progresses.


I will continue with my blog again this year and I have updated various parts of my class page below with all the information you need for Year 6. In particular, please see the powerpoint attachment - 'Welcome to Year 6'. I will also be posting regular photos of the class below in my class gallery




Year 6 have had a busy third week back at St. Marys and have this week written their first piece of independent writing based on 'The Piano' - a moving flashback story highlighting some of the key moments of a man's life, bought to fruition as he plays a melody on the piano.


We continued our work in maths recapping some of the core skills of addition and subtraction at a Year 6 level and will move on to multiplication and division next week.


In Science, we eliminated another suspect in our investigation: ' The Case of the Missing Laptop'. Year 6 children are using their scientific skills of deduction and knowledge of light to ultimately identify the culprit in an elaborately staged robbery.


We have now started most of the weekly routines including spellings, times tables and the collection of reading records.


Thank you for your continued support.




Year 6 really enjoyed researching and evaluating the causes of WW1 this week in topic - it is staggering to think over 17 million people died in this conflict and the class really appreciated the importance of understanding this recent and tragic time in our history.


Our light topic is a real hit with the class and through our understanding of the reflection of light, we were able to eliminate another suspect from our list if culprits in 'The Case of the Missing Laptop'.


Arithmetic is a real focus for Year 6 in the Autumn term, which we are practising daily, whilst also forming a part of this week's homework.


Thank you for your continued support of our wonderful Year 6 children.




Harvest has been on our minds this week, both in preparation for our worship on monday and in our song choices. We have also discussed Black History month a lot this week, looking at the role of William Wilberforce in abolishing slavery - it does not seem a year ago we did our class worship relating to Black History Month!


We have really focused on our writing this week; through going back at looking at some of the writing we have completed this academic year so far, we have managed to spot opportunities for improvement in both handwriting, grammar and composition - the results are quite staggering! 



Wow - it is hard to believe that we have already reached the end of our first half term together in this academic year! Even though times have been very different, I have been so impressed by the Year 6's enthusiasm for learning and hard work. 


Science has been a real highlight for the class this half term - the children were delighted to finally uncover the criminal after 6 weeks of light-based science investigations.Our conflict topic has also gained momentum over the past two weeks - like me, Year 6 were fascinated by the reasons for end of WW1 and are intrigued by how, in spite of the initial conflict, world war two began just 21 years later.


We have some incredible topics next half term and I look forward to us continuing our learning journey together. Please see the Curriculum map below for more details!




Year 6 have had a great start back after half term: this week we have started a new English unit on explanation texts, where Year 6 are using their knowledge gained in topic to explain what caused the end of WW1 and the start of WW2. 


Our new Science topic is proving very popular, with children enjoying making a range of circuits and experimenting with the performance of different components.


The week culminated with a fantastic trip to Aspley woods - we were blessed with some wonderful weather and some incredible memories were made - please see the photos below in our class gallery.


Mr Caswell


BREAKING NEWS!! Year 6 finished 113th out of all the classes in the country - an incredible achievement! Well done!




Year 6 have been very excited about the TT Rockstars Competition this week - an excellent way of practising their times tables, whilst working together as a team to achieve a goal.


We have seen downward dogs, warrior poses and happy babies this week as the children have started their Yoga unit for this half term. We are looking forward to expanding our repertoire of movements as the weeks progress!




Year 6 this week have been undertaking a set of SATS papers this week; this familiarisation with the papers will allow them to gain vital 'test technique' and allow me to learn how best to support the children on their own personal learning journey. I will share the results with parents at parents evenings but I am very proud of their progress and the attitude they have shown! Well done Year 6!




In class this week, we have been learning about the inspirational Malala Yousafzai - having read the book - 'Malala's Magic pencil', watched the DVD - 'He Named Me Malala' and through studying her life and the blogs she wrote, the children in Class 6A are now well versed in her extraordinary life to date. Next week, they will be writing a persuasive letter to the Nobel Peace Prize committee requesting that she receive the top award (as she eventually did in 2014)! 




This week we have turned our attention to decimals, fractions and percentages and we are becoming increasingly adept at converting between each of these measures.


Christmas has also arrived in the Year 6 classroom this week, where we have been creating our wonderful 'Twelve Days of Christmas' artwork - this can be seen below in the class gallery and in person at the school entrance. We have also been writing our Christmas wishes, decorating the classroom and thinking about the true meaning of Christmas in our RE lessons.


Please see the class photo gallery below, where you can also see the highly reflective work which the children completed relating to Road Safety Week.