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17.01.20 This week we have used our wonderful experience at the panto last week to rewrite the Aladdin story from a different perspective and we have started to learn the process for long division. In preparation for our visit to the mosque next week, we have been learning about the key features of mosques and why they are significant to muslims. Our Science for this half term focuses on the properties of materials and their suitability for different every day tasks. We have started to learn our second dance for the dance project, which will be to the 80's classic - 'Footloose'. Feel free to ask your child to show you some of the moves as the half term progresses


09.01.20 Welcome back to all our Year 5 children! In our first week back we have started our new English unit - mystery stories! We successfully cracked 'The Case of the Missing Poodle' together as a class and started our new story for this half term: Kat Wolfe Takes the Case by Lauren St John. Within Guided Reading we are studying The Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman and using this as a stimulus to practise our reading skills.


Our trip to the Milton Keynes Pantomime was enjoyed by all the children and we will be using this experience to inspire our writing next week.


Please see photos below in the Gallery.


Within Maths this week we have moved on to studying multipication and division; it is essential that all children have a rapid recall of all their times tables and division facts





20.12.19 Merry Christmas to all the Year 5 children and parents! We have had such a busy, exciting and productive term! The last week of this half term culminated with the children practising their DT and art skills through the creation of pop up cards, which should be arriving with the lucky recipients shortly! We have completed a number of seasonal activities in our guided reading and maths and the children have produced some fantastic descriptive writing about Ebeneezer Scrooge, practising their 'show not tell' skills. 


In other news, we have completed our second book of the term: Matt Haig's  'A boy called christmas' and we are looking forward to reading a book by award winning author: Lauren St John next half term.


Please also see a link below (with the photographs) to a video, featuring a year 5 pupil who represented the school in an admissions video aimed at all parents in Milton Keynes with children starting school in September 2020. Both children involved did a fantastic job!






12.12.19 This week we have had a focus on Science and our topic of Forces. We investigated air resistance by experimenting with different shapes, sizes and materials for parachutes. We looked at levers and how to both balance on a fulcrum and use a lever in the most effective way to lift a load. The children worked in groups to create different pulley systems from a range of materials to move a load both vertically and horizontally.  The children used Newton meters to measure the force required to pull vehicles across different surfaces, giving varying levels of friction. Lastly, the children created a system of gears to replicate how their bicycles work. The week culminated with Year 5 leading the Toy Service, where they did a wonderful job of projecting their voices.


06.12.19 We have had an incredibly busy and creative week in Year 5 with the fantastic production of

'I'm Gonna Shine' and Year 5 certainly did that! Well done to everyone for their hard work on the show! This week, we wrote our last extended piece of writing for this half term, with the children writing their own versions of 'Cloud Tea Monkeys' - a book by Mal Peet, which we have been studying for the past 4 weeks. The week culminated with D&T on Friday, with Year 5 producing Fruity Flapjacks, which were an absolute triumph with the children further practising their food preparation, measurement and cookery skills, whilst learning abut healthy eating (children can find the recipe at: Please see photos below from another busy week in Year 5. Mr Caswell.


29.11.19 We have had a great end to the week this week, making our pasta salads in DT whilst learning about hygiene, safety and healthy eating - see photos in the Class Gallery below. We have also written some very high-quality, precise instructions for making our boats (which we sailed at Cranfield University last week); the class are getting very good at their use of colons and semi-colons and adding variety to their sentence starters. We have been busy preparing for our Christmas production too and creating our own musical compositions using musical notation including crotchets, quavers, minims and semibreves.


21.11.19 We are having a fantastic start to the second half of our autumn term! Following our successful first class worship before half term, we are now working on our Christmas nativity and our new topics: Forces, Healthy Eating and 'Game Developers'. This week, the children really enjoyed their visit to Cranfield University where they had the opportunity to test their own boats against the force of a real wave machine! This was a wonderful opportunity to see real science in action and develop their passion for this subject. After finishing the incredible, 'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Caroll, we are now reading Matt Haig's, 'A Boy Called Christmas', which has won a number of awards and is being made into a film which is being released next christmas. We are focusing on multiplication in Maths and instruction writing in English at present and we have so many wonderful opportunities and events which we are looking forward to over the next four weeks