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Spring 1 

Welcome back and a Happy New Year! 
We are kicking off this term with a focus on all things 'Arctic'

We discussed what the children had got up to over the Christmas Holiday and designed and wrote Thank You cards. 
We talked about New Year and the concept of New Years Resolutions. We encouraged the children to write about what they would like to try this year. Many children shared that they would like to learn how to ride their bikes on their own, learn to count to a million and become better swimmers. 

In maths, the children learnt all about 'Part - part- whole' models. 
We introduced new mathematical vocabulary such as 'add, together, part, whole, total, equal, group".

In Phonics, we reviewed all our previous learning and introduced our new sound: 


Week 2

'Poles Apart' 
This week, we read 'Poles Apart' by Jeanne Willis. 
We recapped the features of a story book and encouraged the children to make predictions based on the illustrations, cover and blurb. 
Whilst reading, the children had to predict what countries the characters would visit next. 
We further explored the countries that the characters visited throughout the story, comparing and contrasting these different countries, introducing key landmarks from each destination. 

In Maths this week we have continued to learn about Part Part Whole Models. 
The children worked hard to represent their own number problems in this model, many writing number sentences to match their findings. 
We later moved onto measuring and use of scales. 
We introduced the concept of weight and the terminology associated, such as light, lightest, heavy, heaviest. 

Week 3 

This week, we explored Forest School. The children loved discovering the new spaces and worked well in teams to explore the different natural resources and apparatus. 


The children learnt all about the differences between fiction and non fiction. 
We focused on the life cycles of some Arctic Animals including; penguins, polar bears and orcas. 

In Maths this week, we explored the vocabulary relating to sequencing. 
The children were able to sequence a set of instructions using the correct terminology and time connectives.

This week, home learning has been set on Tapestry. We cannot wait to see your fantastic creations!

Autumn Term 2

Welcome back Dragonflies and Butterflies!

Our Value of the Half Term is:

Week 5

Festivities have begun!
This week, we have been thinking about Father Christmas and what we might like to ask for.
Each class received a personalised video from Father Christmas himself where he explained how to write a letter. 
The children used their phonics knowledge and skills to help them write out their letters to Father Christmas before making their own envelopes and stamps. seems like everyone would like either a racing car, a Barbie or the game 'Windy Knickers'!

Week 4

This week, we dove into all things Nativity. 

The children were introduced to the story of the Nativity and were tasked with sequencing and reenacting it.
Both classes did a fantastic job and labelling images and writing about what they remembered about the Nativity. 


In Maths, we have continued to explore the composition of numbers to 10, with the children proving that they are able to show many different ways of representing a range of numbers. 

ai   ee    igh    oa

Please continue to work on reading and writing words with these sounds in.


Week 3

Our focus this week was the story book 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. 
The children loved creating some ocean scenes with pop up boats to represent the main characters adventures to the South Pole.
The children discussed what they felt they would need if they were travelling to the South Pole and created some great suitcase pictures with captions alongside. (It seems that many of our children wish to take Avenger characters to Antarctica!)

Our phonics sounds of the week were:
 ch   th   ng   nk

Please continue practising these sounds with your children at home.

We were fortunate eough to have the Premier League Trophy at the school this week. The children loved meeting the crew and having their pictures taken with the trophy itself. 


Week 2

This week, the children have been focusing on the story Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. 
They have worked hard in their speaking and listening sessions to think about the feelings of different characters and have mapped out the events of the story in their writing challenges.
The children have been very engaged in drawing and writing postcards as if they were Stick Man, thinking about the adventures that Stick Man went on and what he may have seen. 


This week we have learnt the sounds:
y     z      zz      qu     ch 

Please continue to practise these at home.

Week 1

This week, we have caught up with one another and talked all about our Half Term breaks. 
We have introduced our topic of the half term: Celebrations!
In our classes, we have chatted all about the different celebrations that we, and others may engage with.
The children loved sharing their experiences of Christmas, birthdays, Divali, Eid, Chinese New Year and Easter.

In Maths we have focused on sorting, matching and patterns. The children have worked together to identify objects of similar and contrasting features to solve some matching and sorting challenges. 


This week, our Phonics sounds are: 
J     V     W     X
Please continue to practise these sounds at home.


We were very lucky to have had a visit from our local PCSO who spent some time with both classes talking all about Firework Safety, the children were able to ask lots of questions about this topic as well as his role as a Police Officer.

Well done for settling back to our first week of the new term.

Miss Chapman, Mrs Ahmed, Ms Kara, Mrs Garrett and Mrs Taj.


Autumn Term 1

Please add a keyring or clear tag to the handle of your child's bookbag

Introductory Weeks 1 and 2



Congratulations to all our children for completing their first few weeks of settling into Reception. We have really enjoyed getting to know the children and helping them settle. 

It has been great to see the children building new relationships and forming new friendships, as well as adapting to the new routine.

The children have had an amazing time exploring the environment and the outdoor area.


Thank you

Reception Staff members


Week 3
Staying all day!

The children have done a brilliant job this week with getting used to staying at school for the whole day.
Both classes have been working hard with their phonics lessons, practising sounding out, blending and writing our new sounds.
So far we have been working on the following sounds:
s    a    t    p    i    n     m      d

Please practise saying, reading and writing these sounds and encourage your children to find items around the house that begin with these sounds.

The children have become familiar with the Owl Babies storybook, recalling the key events and talking all about the characters and their feelings. 

As our maths journey begins, we have been exploring how numbers can be represented using numerals, actions and objects. 

Have a look through some of these photos to see what the children have been up to during their Learning and Exploring time.

Week 4

Well done to Butterflies and Dragonflies on another full week!

This week we have focused on developing class rules, what it is to be a good friend and how we show one another respect. The children have spent some time in small groups discussing their own feelings and how they can make sure other people around them feel happy and safe at school too.


This week in Maths we have been focusing on the numbers 3, 4 and 5. The children have been exploring the composition of these numbers and the use of 'Numicon' to help them apply their knowledge when tackling number problems.


In Phonics we have been practicing the sounds: 
g       o         c         k

Both classes have been working hard to learn some new harder to read and spell words.
(please find attached)

Harder to read and spell words: Autumn 1

Please ensure that all items of clothes, including shoes and all PE Kit  are clearly labelled to prevent confusion and from items going missing. Thank you for your cooperation.

Week 4 Photos


Week 5


This week in Reception we have been exploring the topic of 'Harvest'. We created a collage using a range of media and techniques. The children enjoyed using the conkers to do marble painting using autumn colours.

We went on an autumn walk around the school grounds to collect twigs, sticks, leaves and autumn natural items. 

In Maths we have continued to explore the number system and we have focused on the number 6-10. We used the items collected on our walk to support with our counting.


In phonics we have learnt 4 new sounds:


ck, e, u, r


We have also introduced the children to reading during their phonics session. This allows them to apply the blending skills they are learning.