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Autumn Term 1

Please add a keyring or clear tag to the handle of your child's bookbag

Introductory Weeks 1 and 2



Congratulations to all our children for completing their first few weeks of settling into Reception. We have really enjoyed getting to know the children and helping them settle. 

It has been great to see the children building new relationships and forming new friendships, as well as adapting to the new routine.

The children have had an amazing time exploring the environment and the outdoor area.


Thank you

Reception Staff members


Week 3
Staying all day!

The children have done a brilliant job this week with getting used to staying at school for the whole day.
Both classes have been working hard with their phonics lessons, practising sounding out, blending and writing our new sounds.
So far we have been working on the following sounds:
s    a    t    p    i    n     m      d

Please practise saying, reading and writing these sounds and encourage your children to find items around the house that begin with these sounds.

The children have become familiar with the Owl Babies storybook, recalling the key events and talking all about the characters and their feelings. 

As our maths journey begins, we have been exploring how numbers can be represented using numerals, actions and objects. 

Have a look through some of these photos to see what the children have been up to during their Learning and Exploring time.

Week 4

Well done to Butterflies and Dragonflies on another full week!

This week we have focused on developing class rules, what it is to be a good friend and how we show one another respect. The children have spent some time in small groups discussing their own feelings and how they can make sure other people around them feel happy and safe at school too.


This week in Maths we have been focusing on the numbers 3, 4 and 5. The children have been exploring the composition of these numbers and the use of 'Numicon' to help them apply their knowledge when tackling number problems.


In Phonics we have been practicing the sounds: 
g       o         c         k

Both classes have been working hard to learn some new harder to read and spell words.
(please find attached)

Harder to read and spell words: Autumn 1

Please ensure that all items of clothes, including shoes and all PE Kit  are clearly labelled to prevent confusion and from items going missing. Thank you for your cooperation.

Week 4 Photos


Week 5


This week in Reception we have been exploring the topic of 'Harvest'. We created a collage using a range of media and techniques. The children enjoyed using the conkers to do marble painting using autumn colours.

We went on an autumn walk around the school grounds to collect twigs, sticks, leaves and autumn natural items. 

In Maths we have continued to explore the number system and we have focused on the number 6-10. We used the items collected on our walk to support with our counting.


In phonics we have learnt 4 new sounds:


ck, e, u, r


We have also introduced the children to reading during their phonics session. This allows them to apply the blending skills they are learning.