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Welcome to our Governors’ section.


Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.




Our school governors come from all walks of life and bring diversity to the governing body through their many different skills and life experiences.  Above all, we have a common goal to provide the best education we can for your children - our students.


School governors play a very important part in raising school standards by:

  • Setting the strategic direction of the school 
  • Monitoring and evaluating school performance
  • Ensuring accountability


Governors are elected or nominated to serve for a period of 4 years. The governing body at St Mary’s is made up of governors from all areas of the community, as follows:-


3 Parent Governors - Parent Governors are elected by parents and must have a child at the school when elected

3 Co-opted Governors – Co-opted Governors are selected by the Governing Body to represent the local community

2 Staff Governors - Staff Governors must be employed at the School and are selected by staff.

2 Foundation Governors - Foundation Governors are nominated by the church

1 Milton Keynes Council Governor - Milton Keynes Council Governors are nominated by Milton Keynes Council


The full Governing Body meets once each term. There are also sub-committees (Finance & Personnel Committee; and Curriculum & Environment Committee), on which most Governors also serve. These meet at least once each term.  Twice a year governors and staff also meet as a whole group to discuss and review the School Strategic Plan together. 


Each of our Governors has a specific focus and they are strongly encouraged to spend time in school with the staff and children, on governor visits; and supporting fundraising events organized by our active Friends Association.  As a governing body we strongly believe that the only way to understand what our school needs is to know our children, staff and the curriculum. 


The school, through the Local Authority, provides excellent training opportunities for governors and all our governors, new and old, regularly attend training sessions to develop their skills and knowledge. 


Being a school governor is challenging but extremely rewarding. Existing skills are helpful - but new skills can always be gained. We are always keen to encourage any members of our school community who are interested in becoming a governor.  If you are interested please speak to Amanda Dicks, the head teacher, who will pass on your details.


Meet Our Governors:


Name: Cllr David Hopkins

Position: Chair of Governors

Responsibilities/Committees: Chair of Governors, Finance & Curriculum, Chairs sub-committee. IT Governor. Safeguarding and Wellbeing Governor.

Date Appointed:  1991

Term of Office: 4 Years, August 2026

Business, Personal and Pecuniary Interests: Business Manager in the Telecommunications Sector – Cable & Wireless and Siemens (Retired). Local ward councillor for the Danesborough & Walton Ward at Milton Keynes City Council

I am a lifelong resident of Wavendon and as such attended Wavendon Primary School myself between 1960 and 1967. It is an honour to be able to serve the local community as school governor (which I have done since 1991) and as Chair of Governors during a time of great change, expansion and consolidation. I feel strongly about the ‘One Wavendon’ policy pursued by Wavendon Parish Council and take great pride in supporting the schools fabulous Headteacher and her team in delivering a first-class education in one the fastest growing parts of Milton Keynes.  My business background was in Marketing and Business Development within the Telecommunications Sector and locally I have also been privileged to represent Wavendon at MK City Council since 1990 and have served the community as a Wavendon Parish Councillor since 1979.


Name: Patricia Rosewell

Position: Vice Chair and Foundation Governor

Responsibilities/Committees: Governing Board Development, English / RE / Worship / SIAMS, The Arts / Design Technology, Mentor for Health & Safety Governor and Maths Governors, Head Teacher Performance Management Panel, Pay Review Body, Chairs Committee, Mission & Values Group

Date Appointed: 15th March 2015 

Term of Office: 14th March 2027

Business, Personal and Pecuniary: None Declared


Name: Gillian Drew

Position: Co-opted Governor

Responsibilities/Committees: Science, Geography, Chair of C&E committee

Date Appointed:  25th September 2018

Term of Office: 4 years, 23rd September 2026

Business, Personal and Pecuniary Interests: None declared


Name: Susan Dynes

Position: Foundation Governor

Responsibilities: Early Years / Foundation

Date appointed: 10th March 2021

Term of office: 4 years 9th March 2025

Business, personal and pecuniary interest: None declared

I joined the Governing Board in March 2021 as one of the foundation governors which means I am a link between the School and St. Mary’s Church of England in Wavendon.  I believe that all children deserve the very best start in life and am very happy to be able to contribute to this as a governor, even in a relatively small way.  I have a grown-up daughter and was a primary (mostly Reception) teacher and Inclusion Manager in primary schools, mainly in Milton Keynes, for a number of years; I’m currently working in higher education. I’m delighted that St. Mary’s ethos is ‘Love, Learn, Grow’, that this inspires all that the school does and that the children have the opportunity and encouragement to flourish.


Name: Clair Levett-Faid

Position: Co-opted Governor

Responsibilities / Committees: ICT

Date appointed: 28th November 2018

Term of office: 4 years, 29th November 2026

Business, personal and pecuniary interest: None declared

I have been a qualified teacher since 2001, working in schools in Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes. I have taught all Year Groups in Key Stage One and Two and I deeply value learning and education for all. I remain wholly committed to providing “Powerful Knowledge” for pupils to underpin their education and become the very best versions of themselves possible. I never underestimate the responsibility I (and my colleagues) have in shaping the minds and lives of the children in our school whilst they are in our care. I, therefore, chose to be part of the governing body of St Mary's School when I joined in 2018 to support and maintain those crucial links been school and stakeholders.


Name: Clair Smith

Position: Staff Governor

Responsibilities/Committees: Well being / MFL

Date Appointed: 12th October 2022

Term of Office: 4 years, 11th October 2026

Business, Personal and Pecuniary Interests: None declared

I have worked at St Mary’s for more than fifteen years and have witnessed many changes and growth during that time. I strongly believe in a varied and creative curriculum and I am passionate about including outdoor learning in the curriculum wherever possible.



Name: Louise Armstrong

Position: Co-opted Governor

Responsibilities / Committees: PE plus, Schools4life, Maths / Numeracy, HT Performance

Date appointed: 30th June 2021

Term of office: 4 years, 29 June 2025

Business, personal and pecuniary interest: None declared

I joined St Mary's Wavendon C of E Primary School Governing Board in 2021 having lived in the area since 2018 and having witnessed the school being built. I work within the Health Care Sector as a Frontline Clinician and Quality Manager with I have over 10 years clinical experience within the NHS. My roles involves direct patient clinician care as well as working within management, compliance, governance and standard setting of which i am keen to share some of the knowledge and skills gained where applicable with the school.  I have the keen interest in support the school in its educational journey and enjoy witnessing and being involved with the development of the school.  


Name: Rebecca Amos

Position: Parent Governor

Responsibilities: PE plus Schools4Life

Date appointed: Sept 2023

Term of office: 4 years, Sept 2027

Business, personal and pecuniary interest:

I joined the Governing Body in September 2023, having gathered knowledge and understanding of the role of a Parent Governor over the course of my son’s first year at the school. My background lies within Risk and Compliance, specifically within the Retail sector. I currently work for a large retailer, with a keen interest in legislation and ensuring process, procedures and controls are in place to ensure legal trading. I am looking forward to developing within this role and making a valuable contribution to the school, staff, pupils and parents.



Name: Armit Rehal

Position: Parent Governor

Responsibilities: SEN, maths / numeracy

Date appointed: October 2022

Term of office: 4 years, October 2026

Business, personal and pecuniary interest:

I have joined since 2022 as a parent governor at St Marys school where both my children attend. I have a very keen interest in education and ensuring all children have the best opportunities to enable them to thrive to their best ability. I thoroughly enjoy supporting St Marys school within this role and embracing the school values. Working in an array of sectors including the NHS and the private sector as an ENT healthcare professional, specialising in audiology across paediatric and adult populations has enabled me to appreciate a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach whilst upholding best practice and standards. I also lecture at university which provides further insight into the education sector. 



Name: Rachel Laffoley

Position: Parent governor/parent appointed

Responsibilities: SEND Looked after children

Date appointed: 12th November 2020

Term of office: 4 years, 11th November 2024

Business, personal and pecuniary interest: None declared

I have enjoyed being part of a strong Governing Board team.

I have a son in year 4, he joined St Mary's in year 1.

I am keen to be part of the school's vision to see constant improvements and for us to be respected and well known within our local community.

When I finished school, I went on to do my NNEB Diploma (child development 0-7 years) I then went on to spend 3 lovely years working in a nursery setting then onto become a private nanny.

My next path was to work for British Airways for 24 years as cabin crew, and cabin manager.

2022 - Present - Being a big part of our company that we run from home.

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