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Home Learning for Children in Year 2

Hello to all my lovely pupils in Y2 and their equally lovely families.

What you will read on my Y2 page are suggestions to support your learning and to get through the boring bits of the weeks to come while we can't all be together.

Look at what is here, but if you are struggling to understand any of it, or some things seem a bit hard (or easy), you can always choose your own ways to learn. It's a great opportunity to go back to things you find difficult, such as telling the time or knowing your number bonds to 20. Read, read and read some more then tell people about your reading! Also make sure you get cooking, gardening, playing, puzzling and helping out around the house. Oh and... keep a diary, if you can. You'll be making history!

Look after yourselves,


Miss Faid laugh


Reading: Have a look at the book suggestions here:

Spelling: Spring 2 Weeks 5 and 6. See below. 

Writing: Creative Writing Task - Diary Writing. See link

MATHS: KIRFs 9/ 10, TT Rockstars

SCIENCE: Espresso science - Habitats KS1 Username: student6062 Password: waving

PE: Joe Wicks everyday at 9am on YouTube "PE with Joe". 

RESEARCH (Summer topic): DK Find Out ( or Kiddle search (

Extreme Weather Around The Globe

TV TIME: BBC Newsround local, national and global stories

PRACTICAL TASK: Create your own Bug Hotel in your garden 

PUZZLES AND GAMES: Jigsaw puzzles, card games, board games could all be a break from modern technology!


CREATIVE KICKSTART: See Summer Term Curriculum Document


NEW STUFF! Week Beginning: 30/03/20

RE: Rachel from Bridgebuilders sent us this:

PRACTICAL TASK: Make a bird feeder:

SCIENCE: Have a go at ordering some food chains on Espresso: HomeScience 1HabitatsActivities, Ordering food chains





Welcome to our Year 2 Class!






Year 2 pupils are taught a wide variety of subjects from the New Curriculum. 

Throughout the year they are assessed against milestones. Milestone 1 broadly covers Years 1 and 2. By the end of the school year your chid will be either approaching, at or past the milestone with a basic, advancing or deep understanding. 

Curriculum Subjects

Keystage 1 - Year 2

What subjects do we cover?

 English: Writing, Reading and Communication
 Mathematics: To know and use numbers, Multiplication and division, fractions, properties of shape,    

     position, direction and movement, measures, statistics and algebra

 Science: working scientifically, biology, chemistry and physics
 Art and Design Technology
 Computing
 Music
 History
 Geography
 Physical Education
 Religious Education
 Personal development and Citizenship
 Languages

Although there are all these discrete subjects, many are taught through a themed approach in school where subjects are combined. 

KS1 SATs Support Materials

Please, read these for further information about KS1 SATs. I have included practice questions in all areas of the English and mathematics curriculum that is tested, but it is entirely your choice whether you look together with your child at these. If your child wishes to bring homework in to show me, I welcome that, but this is not compulsory. 

Key Class information



Times Tables Test

Tuesday PE
Wednesday PE

Spelling Test and New Spellings 






Autumn 1 KIRF 7
Autumn 2 KIRF 8
Spring 1

KIRF 9                                                                             

Spring 2 KIRF 10
Summer 1 KIRF 11
Summer 2 KIRF 12



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