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School Closure Communications

This is to remind you of the Milton Keynes Council system for communicating school closures to the media and the public. This system is particularly useful when the school has to close in an emergency, such as flooding, heavy snow fall, or outbreaks of illness that result in high teaching staff absence.

If you think that St Mary’s CE Primary School may be closed, for example when there is heavy snow fall, bad weather or outbreaks of illness, you can find out by:

Visiting the Council’s website

Or, you can listen to Heart Radio or BBC Three Counties Radio or visit their websites or 

The Council will also send text and e-mail alerts to parents if the school has to close unexpectedly. To subscribe log onto the Council’s website and follow the link.

If you visit these websites, it is crucial to press Refresh or the F5 button to continually refresh your screen as details of school closures will be constantly updating.

The Council will continue to work with the local radio stations to ensure that details of school closures are announced during their radio shows, for parents who do not have internet access at home.

In the case of a closure this is the system that the school will operate. Please do not phone the school directly as we will not have the capacity to answer every call.

We endeavour to keep our school open even in poor weather, however this is dependent upon enough staff being able to travel to work and maintain appropriate ratios for our children to keep them safe.