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Week Commencing 13/07/20

I hope you are all doing well! Welcome to your very last week of Home Learning! I cannot believe that the whole academic year has passed us by and in such unusual circumstances. I am really looking forward to having us all back together in September, establishing some level of normality and us working together to achieve some amazing things.


For this last week of home learning, please can you work on the following:


1) Maths - daily maths on Corbett Maths, on-line learning relating to a range of topics, timestables, optional arithmetic papers and Maths Magic Squares (sudoku).

2) English -  Spellings - ask someone to test you on the 100 statutory year 5/6 words, handwriting practise, reading activity , grammar practise  and a series of 5 lessons including a few looking at some of Shakespeare's plays.

3) Reading and Creative Task - read the Ickabog story by JK Rowling and create some illustrations - how about entering your best ones into the competition?!

4) Geography - researching the continents.

5) Art - Create artworks in the style of Juan Miro and Henri Matisse

6) Science  - Investigate sustainability

7) Theme Park Project - see details below - complete season 3 of your theme park project - see details below! Create a website design (this could be on paper) or a design for your hotel.


I have left a number of the other links below as well, just in case you have not had a chance to look at these yet.


I hope you have a wonderful summer with your family. 


Have fun, relax and come back in September ready to learn!


Mr Caswell

Ieuan's Journey into Space - A story made using Scratch


Please click on this link here for a fantastic coded story featuring facts about the Solar System.

It is really fantastic - great work Ieuan!

13/07/20 Theme Park Project

In this exciting project, you are asked to design  a theme park and undertake all the decisions with regards to planning, running and advertising it. This will test your creative flair as well as your maths skills! Enjoy!


wc 130720 Main Activity: This week please complete season 3 in your theme park - the most exciting year so far! You can (if you have enough money that is) buy a hotel, a 3D cinema, create a website and more! Will your park make a profit after the 3 years? Will you be able to pay back your loan from the bank? Good luck!


wc 130720 Creative task: Can you create either a website design for your theme park or a design for your theme park hotel, including a name, facilities etc.


wc 060720 This week aim to complete your second season in the theme park, undertaking improvements to the park by investing and choosing how to advertise your theme park.


wc 060720 Theme Park Creative Tasks


Task 1 - Create advertisements for your theme park. You could create a leaflet, a poster, a TV or a radio advert. We will also be doing this in class next week- please send me a photo of your work!


Task 2 - Create a model of one of the rides from your theme park. Please see examples below. We will also be making these in class next week too. Please send me a photo of your creation! A few examples are below - you can gain even more inspiration through searching on line.

WC 060720 RE - Buddhism


Please see links to the Oak National Academy for a series of lessons on Buddhism:


WC 060720 Who is the Dalai Lama – click here

WC 060720 What is life like inside a Buddhist monastery? Click here

WC 290620 Which festivals do Buddhists celebrate? Click here

WC 290620 Why do Buddhists meditate? Click here

WC 220620 What is the sacred text of Buddhism? Click here

WC 150620 Who was Siddhartha Gautama? click here


130720 Art

130720 This week I would like you to look at two prominent artists and try to recreate a painting on your own in their style:


1) Henri  Matisse - click here

2) Juan Miro - click here


060720 The children in class this week have been completing ‘draw-a-longs’ on the page ‘Draw So Cute’. Perhaps you would like to try some of these too? Click here


290620 Try creating a painting in the style of Andy WarholWassily Kandinsky or Jan van Eyck - click here



JK Rowling: The Ickabog – Reading Activity and Art Competition


J.K. Rowling is publishing an original story, The Ickabog (the “Story”), online here  in instalments over seven weeks, and is inviting children to help her by illustrating the Story. A new instalment of the Story and illustration themes to go with it will be revealed daily, Monday to Friday, throughout the course of the seven weeks, so do stay tuned. 34 winning illustrations will be selected to bring the serialised story to the printed page when it is published in full, which is intended for November 2020.Entries are open, and the competition will close at 6pm BST on Friday 17th July 2020.Full details and illustration themes can be found on this link here –

130720 Science

13/07/20 This week I would like you to look into the important issue of sustainability: how we produce the energy that we need, whilst minimising the impact upon our environment.


What is sustainability? Click here 

How do we produce energy 1? Click here 

How do we produce energy 2? Click here 


060720 Follow the link here to take you to a lesson on evolution where you will learn more about Charles Darwin and his theories of evolution.


290620 This week I would like you to research 'Life cycles in humans and animals (BBC Bitesize)' - click here


wc 130720 Geography

130720 For geography this week, I would like you to investigate the seven continents and five oceans of the world and how to map them using a globe and an atlas. Click here


060720 For your geography lesson this week, I would like you to investigate the wonderful Galapagos Islands, which were a key location visited by Charles Darwin before he formed his theory of natural selection. Click here


290620 The chances of anyone going abroad this summer may be a bit slim, so instead for your geography this week, I would like you to undertake research on Florida - click here



WC 060720 French (using BBC Bitesize website)

Please  use the links below to practise some of French vocabulary, grammar and sentences:

060720 French: Days, months and time - click here

220620 French grammar adjectives - click here

220620 French: school and hobbies - click here




wc 060720 Reading Activity

Think back to November last year and our wonderful Black History Month Assembly...


Please find below a reading comprehension activity about the wonderful Martin Luther King Jr, which I think you will find fascinating and enjoyable.


Remember to read to yourself and an adult as much as possible. You can find free ebooks to read on this link: Oxford Owl website. You may also want to listen to an audiobook daily - I have included some links below from youtube, which you may enjoy, however there are many more online. David Walliams is also releasing an audio book every day on his website at 11am: David Walliams website

Children's audiobooks:

Please find below links to some full audiobooks available on Youtube. However if you type in 'childrens audiobooks full length' into youtube you will have many more to choose from!

Charlotte's WebWorld's worst childrenFamous FiveMary PoppinsThe TwitsThe Giraffe, the pelly and meRevolting RhymesMr StinkThe Lion, the witch and the wardrobeTom's Midnight GardenAquila


Please learn your weekly spellings and ask a relative to test you! Continue to use the wonderful Spellingframe website to practise your spellings as much as possible - these contain the statutory year 5/6 words and spelling patterns - fantastic preparation for year 6 - spellingframe website link

wc 130720 This week, ask an adult to test you randomly on some of the Year 5/6 statutory words from the list below:

English - Main daily activities


Monday 13th July 2020

Junior Shakespeare: The Tempest  - Click here

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Junior Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet - Click here

Wednesday 15th July 2020

Using register for posters and leaflets - Click here

Thursday 16th July 2020

Writing adverts and brochures using comedy - Click here

Friday 17th July 2020

Writing a comic and using parenthesis - Click here


WC   060720 Writing a Newspaper Article



In a tragic turn of events, Barney the Bear has gone missing from Class 5A at St. Mary's Wavendon. I would like to write a newspaper article detailing this catastrophe.


060720  Monday         Reading Comprehension   Click here

070720 Tuesday         Reading Comprehension   Click here

080720  Wednesday   Identifying key features of a newspaper Click here

090720 Thursday       SPAG Focus: Direct and Indirect Speech Click here

100720  Friday           Writing a newspaper Article Click here



wc 130720 Handwriting

The attachment below contains many famous poems written in cursive writing. Please choose one each day and write this out on lined paper focusing on your letter formation, heights and joins.

Grammar and Punctuation

w/c 130720 Please see the below grammar activities which you can work on this week:



Learning Activities

1. Arithmetic - We are still using the Daily 5 from Corbett Maths website for the Daily 5 challenge. Click on this link here and scroll down to the correct date. You can choose to complete the bronze, silver, gold or platinum challenge- or you can do all 20. The answers can then be found by clicking on 'answers' at the end of the month you are working in. If you are doing the 'Gold' or 'Platinum' challenge, you may come across 1 or 2 things that we have not yet covered in class. When you do, have a go, then look up the answer - the answers page includes a person's handwritten workings out, so this should allow you to learn the method and learn something new! If you wish you may go back and complete the challenges from previous days - the challenges go all the way back to January 1st!


2. Main Activity

Monday 13th July 2020

Lesson 1: Problem Solving – To represent an interval across zero on a number line - Click here

Lesson 2: Problem Solving – To explain a remainder expressed as a fraction and a decimal - Click here

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Lesson 1: Problem Solving – To interpret remainders appropriately in the context of the problem - Click here

Lesson 2: Problem Solving – To calculate the mean as an average - Click here

Wednesday 15th July 2020

Lesson 1: Problem Solving - To add three sums of money and calculate change - Click here

Lesson 2: Reflection BBC Bitesize - Click here 

Thursday 16th July 2020

Lesson 1: Multi-step problems BBC Bitesize -Click here 

Friday 17th July 2020

Undertake at least one of the arithmetic papers below.








3. Times tables - Please see the pack below of 15 times table tests. Choose one each day and see how many you get right. You may want to keep to the same test until you get them all correct (or you may want to time yourself and see how quickly you can complete it).


WC 060720 Extra Maths Challenges




Other maths activities

Classroom Secrets - This is a fantastic website where children can answer maths arithmetic and reasoning questions online across the entire curriculum. To sign your child up for this, follow the steps in the document below from step 19 - setting up a parent access account


w/c 220620 Computing


How do you know if you can trust a website? Click here

WC 150620 History Quiz - prepared by Joshua!


Joshua has taken the time to develop a fantastic history quiz for all of us to complete! I suggest you try and answer as many as you can using your own knowledge and then use a search engine to research the answers to the remaining ones. Thank you for working on this Joshua - it is fantastic!

Art and Design

Creative Kick Starts - 1) Desert Island 2) Space and the Solar System

I have set two creative kick starts for Summer term  - I didn't think you would mind....I know how creative you all are!


1) Desert Island

2) Space and the Solar System


Please click on the links below for briefs on these projects. Enjoy!

The 30 day LEGO challenge

Are you a fan of lego? Have you completed all your sets from your last birthday? Lacking in inspiration? Well fear no more! Why not try completing the LEGO 30 Day challenge?! Obviously you do not have to do it over 30 days, or even every day for that matter, but this could be the ideal activity to stretch your creativity and get you thinking outside of the (lego) box.

Watercolour Painting tutorials

I really enjoy watercolour painting and I know some of you do too. Please follow the links below to some tutorials to either create a seascape or sunflowers in watercolour.


Paint a seascape in watercolour - click here

Sunflowers - click here



Take part in a live 'Bake-a-long' with Mrs Bun the Bakery Cookery School  (link to a facebook page - however you do not need an account) every friday at 2pm. My family and I have made cookies, scones and jam tarts so far  and they were fabulous - the videos for these previous bake-alongs can also be found on her facebook page.


Choose a recipe to make - focus on measuring the ingredients carefully, You could write your own instructions and take photos of the steps you have taken. There are some fantastic recipes on


  • A number of non-screen creative ideas can be found on the link below:


Other topic ideas
There are lots of fun, creative activities in each of the links below. Have a browse through each and choose something that interests you.

Virtual Museum Tours and Live webcams

As all the museums are closed at the moment, why not take the opportunity to go on a virtual tour of a museum, zoo or attraction? As I find these online I will include the links below. Take notes on some of the key things that you find out.


12 Famous museums virtual tours

British Museum virtual tour


TV Time


Goodnight Mr Tom full movie (book by Michele Magorian). Please note this is a link to Youtube.

Tom's Midnight Garden full movie (book by Philippa Pearce). Please note this is a link to Youtube

A bear named Winnie - Find out the true and incredible story of the real life bear (from Winnipeg in Canada) who during WW1 made his way to London Zoo and was seen by a certain small boy called Christopher Robin who gave his name to a very special teddy bear who later became 'Winnie the Pooh'. Full movie - please note this is a link to Youtube.

Hitler, The Tiger and Me - A fantastic documentary about Judith Kerr (author of Mog/Tiger who came to Tea) - Youtube

The Marvellous World of Roald Dahl - a superb documentary about Roald Dahl available on YouTube

Newsround - it is more important than ever that children are kept informed about current affairs.

CBBC - As ever some fantastic shows on here - in particular I would recommend Blue Peter, Deadly 60, Horrible Histories, Operation Ouch, The Worst Witch - go with whatever interests you!

BBC iPlayer - search under 'History' and 'Science and Nature'. In particular I would recommend 'The Planets' series by Brian Cox (The Solar System is due to be our topic in Summer 2) and all the fabulous David Attenborough series of documentaries.



Click here - this is a really good website demonstrating texture and layering within music. Once you have had a good play with it, try some of the tasks below:


1 - Build a symmetrical piece. Start with one performer, add the next and continue until there are no more empty silhouettes. Now mute each person one at a time in the same order until you end with the sound you started with. 


2 - Listen to all the sounds - can you find some that are soft/loud/long/short. Try mixing different types of sounds to make an interesting piece


3 - Changes in texture. Listen to one sound by itself. Now add another, then another until there are no more empty silhouettes . What happens to the sound? Experiment with muting some performers and then letting them sound again.

Out of the Ark @ Home

Join in a different song for every day of the week!  Uplifting songs, thoughtful songs and funny songs are all here, complete with words for you to follow and backing tracks.  Suitable for whole primary range. Click here


The Royal Opera House

Enjoy imaginative activities from The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, all about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  Suitable for 5 to 11 year olds. New activities added each week. Click here


Charanga - Please click here to log into the Charanga website and insert your login details and your password which you have been sent.


I love our unit for this half term - Motown! We are looking at one of the best Motown songs ever - Dancin' in the Street by Martha and the Vandellas. Log in and follow the units along the right hand side and enjoy. Share this with brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, mums and dads - get the whole family singing along. When we come back we can perform this track together as a class.


Music Festival

Unfortunately, this has been cancelled for this year. However, I know lots of you were really enjoying the songs. Please see links below to some of these on Youtube - perhaps you can teach these to your family!

Refuge - by Howard Goodall

Believe - by Lin Marsh

No Wars will stop us Singing


Religious Education

NATRE website activity

08/06/20 - Please click on the link to the NATRE website here taking you to the key stage 2 page. This week I would like you to download Resource 9 Ramadan and complete some of these activities.




  • 08/06/20 - NSPCC: Speak Out, Stay Safe Assembly click here
  • 22/05/20 - Special Worship featuring The Bishop of Oxford. Click here
  • A special VE day service from Rev. Matt can be found by clicking here
  • Sunday worships from Reverand Matt can be found here
  • 25th March - Assembly from Rachel at Bridge Builder - click here

Physical Activities

Your daily physical activity could be going for a walk, run or a bike or scooter ride. There are also a number of online resources available:

1. Joe Wicks - daily PE at 9am from his living room (which is remarkably tidy)

2. Mr Dineen - this is an alternative to Joe Wicks - slightly easier going and more fun for younger children

3. Oti Mabuse's dance class - teaching you to dance to a range of songs including songs from Shrek, Mary Poppins and Trolls.

General website links

Espresso website - our child logons are username: student6062 password: waving

Twinkl website - Twinkl are offering free access to parents for a month. Simply follow hyperlink and input the following code: CVDTWINKLHELPS under 'offer code' in the 'New to Twinkl?' box.

BBC Bitesize website - Free  videos, quizzes and games across different areas of the curriculum












Welcome to our Year 6 Class!


Please scroll down for key information, a SATS portal (containing key information, help, advice and practice materials) the latest homework, useful links and a class photo gallery.

Curriculum Subjects

Upper Keystage 2 - Year 6


The children in our Year 6 class are taught a wide variety of subjects and topics from the National Curriculum. They are assessed using Milestone 3 which assesses their understanding of the topics taught. Throughout upper key stage 2 they will be assessed using a basic, advancing or deep understanding of their learning, using the milestone criteria. At the end of Year 6, children will undertake their SATS tests, covering writing, reading, grammar, spelling and mathematics.


What subjects do we cover?

• English: Writing, Reading and Communication
• Mathematics: To know and use numbers, Multiplication and division, fractions, properties of shape, position, direction and movement, measures, statistics and algebra
• Science: working scientifically, biology, chemistry and physics
• Art and Design Technology
• Computing
• Music
• History
• Geography
• Physical Education
• Religious Education
• Personal development and Citizenship, including our school Christian values
• MFL- French

Although subjects are considered discrete we teach as much of the curriculum as possible through themes and topics throughout the year.

We focus on our school Christian values throughout Year 5 and 6 and develop the children’s roles within school through giving them jobs to do.

Key Class Information


Key Dates Information
Spellings Test Monday morning New spellings are given out every monday
Times tables Test Thursday morning Children will move on to the next times table once they have successfully scored 100% 3 weeks in a row
Homework Due in on Tuesday Homework is given out the previous Thursday
Reading Records Friday Due in on a Friday morning. Ensure you read at least 3 times a week at home and that your diary is signed by a parent/carer.
PE TBC Please have your PE kit in school all week as the timetable is sometimes subject to change






  • Weekly Homework - Given out on Thursday to be handed in by the following Tuesday
  • Weekly Spellings - Handed out on a Monday, then tested the following Monday.
  • Creative Kickstart Homework - Given out at the start of a term with a hand-in date confirmed by the class teacher.
  • KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts) - are designed to support the development of the mental skills that underpin much of the mathematics work in school. They are particularly useful when calculating, be it adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. Time is to be dedicated at least 3 times each week, possibly in smaller daily bursts to ensure that the KIRF is practiced and learnt so that children grow in confidence to recall their facts instantly. Each half term, children will be assessed on their year group’s KIRF.

  • Reading - one of the most valuable things a child can do at home is to read books. Through reading high quality, age appropriate books, which a child enjoys, it will develop not only their reading skills but also their writing skills, vocabulary, their imagination and their sense of wonder about the world around them. Below are my personal author and book recommendations aimed at Year 5:
  • Times Table Rockstars - Children are encouraged to use this website as much as possible to help develop their mental agility with their times tables.
Useful Links
  • Spelling Frame - a fantastic website for children to practise their spellings. Children can select their year, then a specific spelling rule or pattern to practise. There are games to play as well as full tests. The website supports any words the children spell incorrectly through breaking them down into syllables and guiding their spelling development.
  • Topmarks  - a fantastic website containing hundreds of maths games. Specifically, the 'hit the button' series of games is an incredibly useful tool for children to enhance their mental agility (halving, multiplying, number bonds and more) in a fun and engaging way.
  • Dance Mat Typing - a great tool for children to practise their typing accuracy and speed; a crucial skill for children as they progress through primary school into secondary school and beyond.
  • Scratch - this excellent site allows children to practise their coding skills whilst making their own games, animations and creations - highly educational and great fun! Do not be daunted by this website (which can look scary at first!), simply follow the 'tutorials' on the main page which guides you through how to make a variety of games from beginning to end.
  • Newsround - a great way for your child to keep informed about the world around us.
Class Gallery

12.03.20 Dance Project

05.03.20 - Building Buddies Challenge 3 - Wildlife Garden

05.03.20 Spring Creative Kick Start Homework - The Tudors

05/03/20: Happy World Book Day!

04.03.20 - The War of the Roses Introduction and the 'Princes in the Tower' Investigation

04.03.20 - 40 Acts of Kindness for Lent

03/03/20 - Life Explorers - Gestation

27/02/20 - Class Worship: Stations of the Cross

26/02/20 - Computing: Website design - A tour of St Mary's Wavendon for new pupils

24/02/20 - Class debate -Should St. Mary's Wavendon change their school uniform?

14/02/20 - Visit from David Wilson/Barratt Homes - Budding buddies visit and presentation ceremony

14/02/20 - The Firework Maker's Daughter

14/02/20 - Fractions

12/02/20 - Persuasive adverts and Spy Gadgets

10/02/20 - Number Day

07/02/20 DT; Stations of the cross in a stained glass effect

06/02/20 - Outdoor learning - Measurements and planning for the St. Mary's allotments

05/02/20 - Music - Hip Hop performances of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

05/02/20 - Designing 'Op Art' in the style of Bridget Riley

07/02/20 - Book Reviews

30/1/20 - Information Leaflet for a mosque

29/01/20 - Visit to St. Mary's Catholic Church, Woburn Sands. 'Stations of the Cross' talk and church tour by Father Brendan Seery

27/01/20 Henry VIII and the reformation of the church - drama and conscience alley

22/01/20: Zainabiya Islamic Centre, Bletchley

17/01/20 - Assessing the properties of different materials and investigating insulating/conducting liquid containers

15/01/20 - Islamic patterns created through coding on scratch

17/01/20 Building Buddies: Housing development designs and advertisements

09/01/20 Milton Keynes Panto - Aladdin

09/01/20 English mystery narratives

20/12 - Autumn term class books

20/12/19 - Christmas cards and Christmas activities

13/12/19 Year 5 Toy Service

St Mary's Christmas Show - 'I'm Gonna Shine'

02/12/19 Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas Decorations and Christmas Wishes

29/11/19 Making Pasta Salads (with a focus on hygiene, safety and healthy eating)

Building Buddies

Class 5A are taking part in the Building Buddies programme where, across the school year, pupils will complete a number of challenges teaching them about housebuilding. To start our project, each child has thought up a name for their housing development (and a logo) and have started to think about who the houses will be made for and what facilities may also need to be available.

Forest School November 2019

Boat Building Challenge at Cranfield University

Egyptian Mummification Reconstruction

Egyptians Creative Kick Start Homework November 2019

Egyptian Death Masks, Canopic Jars and Egyptian-style self portraits