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Welcome to our Year 5 Classes!

Willows and Sycamores. 



Welcome to our Year 5 classes page. We hope you find this page informative and interesting. We will be adding more over time but you can find out lots of information about our classes here. Weekly homework and spelling lists will be posted for you but also key information about our learning will be shared with you. Scroll to the bottom to see some interesting pictures in our classes gallery! Thanks for visiting, Year 5 children, Mrs Mills and Mrs Hayes. 

Curriculum Subjects


Upper Keystage 2 - Year 5 


The children in our Year 5 classes are taught a wide variety of subjects and topics from the National Curriculum. They are assessed using Milestone 3 which assesses their understanding of the topics taught. Throughout upper key stage 2 they will be assessed using a basic, advancing or deep understanding of their learning, using the milestone criteria. 

What subjects do we cover?

• English: Writing, Reading and Communication
• Mathematics: To know and use numbers, Multiplication and division, fractions, properties of shape, position, direction and movement, measures, statistics and algebra
• Science: working scientifically, biology, chemistry and physics
• Art and Design Technology
• Computing
• Music
• History
• Geography
• Physical Education
• Religious Education
• Personal development and Citizenship, including our school Christian values
• MFL- French

Although subjects are considered discrete we teach as much of the curriculum as possible through themes and topics throughout the year.
We focus on our school Christian values throughout Year 5 and 6 and develop the children’s roles within school through giving them jobs to do.

This is our school. With God’s help we care for one another, are curious in our learning, and know we are all loved.


Luke 10:27  'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbour as yourself.'


Love  Learn  Grow

Key Class Information:

PE days are on Monday & Thursday


Library sessions will be on a Wednesday.


Spellings are given out and tested on Mondays.


Homework is given out on Thursdays/Fridays and due back the following Tuesday.


Reading records are checked on Tuesdays. 



Learning at home

This is support for pupil learning where they are off school yet are themselves well enough to work and learn from home. If you have difficulty in accessing this, please contact the school office so we are able to download for you some of the resources at an appropriate time if your child is in the situation of having to stay at home.



Reading –

Free eBooks -

English Reading for Pleasure lesson units for Year 5 students - Oak National Academy (


Writing –

English lesson units for Year 5 students - Oak National Academy (

Spellings – Please see the class page below.  Find different ways of writing your spellings.  Write each letter in a different colour or write a story that uses all of your spellings.

Spelling support and games - Spelling frame

English Spelling lesson units for Year 5 students - Oak National Academy (


Grammar and punctuation – 

Year 5 English - BBC Bitesize

English Grammar lesson units for Year 5 students - Oak National Academy (


BBC Teach Handwriting support


Maths lesson units for Year 5 students - Oak National Academy (
Times Tables Rockstars

TopMarks - Maths games and support

MathsFrame - Games, worksheets and support

1000s of Free Year 5 maths questions at MyMiniMaths

MathSphere Interactive Fun and Games

Times tables rally game


Unit: Reproductive cycles | KS2 Science | Oak National Academy (

What is a lifecycle? - BBC Bitesize

How animals reproduce - BBC Bitesize

Reproduction in flowering plants - BBC Bitesize

Pollination and seed spreading - BBC Bitesize

Unit: Space | KS2 Science | Oak National Academy (

What is the Earth? - BBC Bitesize

What is the solar system? - BBC Bitesize

The Sun - BBC Bitesize

The Moon - BBC Bitesize

Day and night - BBC Bitesize


Where is North America? - BBC Bitesize

The geography of North America - BBC Bitesize

Discover Florida - BBC Bitesize

Let's explore Florida - BBC Bitesize

Biomes - BBC Bitesize

Unit: Biomes | KS2 Geography | Oak National Academy (

Unit: Building Locational Knowledge: North America | KS2 Geography | Oak National Academy (


Computing: Unit: Selection In Physical Computing | KS2 Computing | Oak National Academy (

Unit: Selection in Quizzes | KS2 Computing | Oak National Academy (

Algorithms - BBC Bitesize

What is debugging? - BBC Bitesize

Programming with sensors - BBC Bitesize

Debugging - BBC Bitesize

RE: What is Christianity? - BBC Bitesize

KS2 Religious Studies: What is Christianity? - BBC Teach

KS2 Religious Studies: Christian Worship - BBC Teach

KS2 Religious Studies: Meet a young Christian boy - BBC Teach

French: Unit: Où habites-tu? | KS2 French | Oak National Academy (

Unit: En ville | KS2 French | Oak National Academy (


KS2 French - BBC Bitesize

Music: Music lesson units for Year 5 students - Oak National Academy (

KS2 Music - BBC Bitesize

PE: Unit - Oak National Academy (

PSHE: Unit - Oak National Academy (

Art: Unit - Oak National Academy (

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