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Welcome to our Year 5 Class!


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21.11.19 We are having a fantastic start to the second half of our autumn term! Following our successful first class worship before half term, we are now working on our Christmas nativity and our new topics: Forces, Healthy Eating and 'Game Developers'.


This week, the children really enjoyed their visit to Cranfield University where they had the opportunity to test their own boats against the force of a real wave machine! This was a wonderful opportunity to see real science in action and develop their passion for this subject.


After finishing the incredible, 'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Caroll, we are now reading Matt Haig's, 'A Boy Called Christmas', which has won a number of awards and is being made into a film which is being released next christmas.


We are focusing on multiplication in Maths and instruction writing in English at present and we have so many wonderful opportunities and events which we are looking forward to over the next four weeks.


Mr Caswell




Curriculum Subjects

Upper Keystage 2 - Year 5


The children in our Year 5 class are taught a wide variety of subjects and topics from the National Curriculum. They are assessed using Milestone 3 which assesses their understanding of the topics taught. Throughout upper key stage 2 they will be assessed using a basic, advancing or deep understanding of their learning, using the milestone criteria. 


What subjects do we cover?

• English: Writing, Reading and Communication
• Mathematics: To know and use numbers, Multiplication and division, fractions, properties of shape, position, direction and movement, measures, statistics and algebra
• Science: working scientifically, biology, chemistry and physics
• Art and Design Technology
• Computing
• Music
• History
• Geography
• Physical Education
• Religious Education
• Personal development and Citizenship, including our school Christian values
• MFL- French

Although subjects are considered discrete we teach as much of the curriculum as possible through themes and topics throughout the year.

We focus on our school Christian values throughout Year 5 and 6 and develop the children’s roles within school through giving them jobs to do.

Key Class Information


Key Dates Information
Spellings Test Monday morning New spellings are given out every monday
Times tables Test Thursday morning Children will move on to the next times table once they have successfully scored 100% 3 weeks in a row
Homework Due in on Tuesday Homework is given out the previous Thursday
Reading Records Friday Due in on a Friday morning. Ensure you read at least 3 times a week at home and that your diary is signed by a parent/carer.
PE Tuesday and Thursday Usual days are Tuesday and Thursday (however please have your PE kit in school all week as the timetable is sometimes subject to change)






  • Weekly Homework - Given out on Thursday to be handed in by the following Tuesday
  • Weekly Spellings - Handed out on a Monday, then tested the following Monday.
  • Creative Kickstart Homework - Given out at the start of a term with a hand-in date confirmed by the class teacher.
  • KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts) - are designed to support the development of the mental skills that underpin much of the mathematics work in school. They are particularly useful when calculating, be it adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. Time is to be dedicated at least 3 times each week, possibly in smaller daily bursts to ensure that the KIRF is practiced and learnt so that children grow in confidence to recall their facts instantly. Each half term, children will be assessed on their year group’s KIRF.

  • Reading - one of the most valuable things a child can do at home is to read books. Through reading high quality, age appropriate books, which a child enjoys, it will develop not only their reading skills but also their writing skills, vocabulary, their imagination and their sense of wonder about the world around them. Below are my personal author and book recommendations aimed at Year 5:
  • Times Table Rockstars - Children are encouraged to use this website as much as possible to help develop their mental agility with their times tables.
Useful Links
  • Spelling Frame - a fantastic website for children to practise their spellings. Children can select their year, then a specific spelling rule or pattern to practise. There are games to play as well as full tests. The website supports any words the children spell incorrectly through breaking them down into syllables and guiding their spelling development.
  • Topmarks  - a fantastic website containing hundreds of maths games. Specifically, the 'hit the button' series of games is an incredibly useful tool for children to enhance their mental agility (halving, multiplying, number bonds and more) in a fun and engaging way.
  • Dance Mat Typing - a great tool for children to practise their typing accuracy and speed; a crucial skill for children as they progress through primary school into secondary school and beyond.
  • Scratch - this excellent site allows children to practise their coding skills whilst making their own games, animations and creations - highly educational and great fun! Do not be daunted by this by website (which can look scary at first!), simply follow the 'tutorials' on the main page which guides you through how to make a variety of games from beginning to end.
  • Newsround - a great way for your child to keep informed about the world around us.
Class Gallery

Egyptians Creative Kick Start Homework November 2019

Egyptian Death Masks, Canopic Jars and Egyptian-style self portraits

Egyptian Mummification Reconstruction

Boat Building Challenge at Cranfield University

Forest School November 2019