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In May of 2023, Year 6 children will take their End of Key Stage Tests and Assessments (often referred to as SATs). These are compulsory national tests which reflect the National Curriculum for English and Maths. Children will take a reading paper, a SPAG paper, arithmetic and reasoning papers for mathematics as well as receiving a teacher assessment for writing (see SATs overview sub folder below for further information on each of these papers).


These assessments are not something to become worried about: if you work hard in class and complete the home learning tasks you are given, you will feel ready, prepared and confident to do your very best and  achieve your potential.


This learning portal will provide you (and your parents) with links to websites, information and practise exercises/papers to help reinforce your knowledge and understanding at home. Click on the sub folders below for assistance with each of the papers you will take.

Easter SATS homework ANSWERS

Scroll through to the end of the document to find the answers to mark your work.