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Week 14- 13/07/2020


Hello, in this time of change we are doing our best to help you and your children learn as much as possible. Home learning will be different for each child/ family so we are not setting strict time guides but giving you lots of options of work (computer based and non-screen) to complete over the period away from school. This will be updated EACH MONDAY so please keep looking at what new suggestions, weblinks or tasks we have added as the partial school closure continues. 


Wow! The end of the Summer Term is now so close, just one more week of learning at St. Mary’s Wavendon before you enjoy your summer break and move on to your secondary schools. Well done to all of you for either joining us back in school for the last weeks of term or for continuing to work hard from home. You are all awesome and I hope you’ll continue to be brave in your learning at secondary school.


Stay happy, healthy and smiling. Good luck with your next steps in your journey. Hakuna Matata! Mrs R xx



Reading- see link. Oxford Owl eBooks. Listen to stories on Audible for free. More audiobooks here on World of Stories site. : the extraordinary collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures has contributions from more than 110 children’s writers and illustrators, including Lauren Child, Anthony Horowitz, Greg James and Chris Smith, Michael Morpurgo, Liz Pichon, Axel Scheffler, Francesca Simon and Jacqueline Wilson

  • 10-minute SAT’s Reading Practice tests- try these (the answers are included to help after you have completed them. (See documents)
  • Seasons comprehension. (See documents)
  • Write a book review for a book or story you have read and enjoyed throughout the lockdown period. Use the framework provided in documents.


  • No spellings to learn this week (as we will not be here to test them!) but look at all of the patterns and tricky words from this year.  Use Spellingframe, to practice patterns you find tricky: 


  • Try the Week 6 Summer Term 2 SPAG Activity Mats. There is a mild (*), spicy (**) or hot (***) level to choose from.


  • Creative writing task- All about me letter- See documents.
  • Imagine you’re a reporter. Can you write a news report from today? What is the major event you will write about?



Fluent in 5- time yourself for 5 minutes and answer the questions each day, ask your adult to check your answers or use a calculator:

  • Monday- 1) 13 x 9 = 2) 5/9 – 3/9 = 3) 4231 x 43 = 4) 88% of 397 = 5) 2.01 – 0.07 = 6) 11²=
  • Tuesday- 1)  7077 + 893 = 2) 2.309 x 100 = 3) 6372 ÷ 59 = 4) 7/9 + 3/9 + 5/9 = 5) 120 x 11 = 6) 7003 ÷ 1000 =
  • Wednesday- 1) 91 x 6 = 2) 1.9 + 0.019 = 3) ½ x 7/12 = 4) ? = 4477- 929 5) 8271 ÷ 9 = 6)  30% of 912 =
  • Thursday- 1) 505 + 3678 = 2) 309,122 – 45,829 = 3) 1/9 ÷ 3 = 4) 25% of 660 5) 4 x 2 + 6 = 6) 9/10 + 3/5 + ½ =
  • Friday- 1) 1440 ÷12 = 2) 58.2 - 9.47 = 3) 3 x 9.06 = 4) 3 2/3 x 4 = 5) 4² + 3² = 6) 92 x 71 =

Rapid reasoning-

  • 5 minutes timed (I'll add the answers later in the week!!) See links. 

Times Tables-

  • Each week try one of the tests in the pack below (see documents). See if you can get more accurate and faster across the week. What is the most you can complete accurately? How fast can you complete it accurately?

White Rose Maths-

NRich Maths-





  • Joe Wicks Live 3 days a week at 9am on YouTube- "PE with Joe" or use previous videos to continue training each day.
  • Dance with Oti Mabuse Official on YouTube.
  • St. Mary’s Sock Olympics!! See documents



  • St. Marys Church have a virtual Service every Sunday- follow their link here:
  • Use the Adam and Eve story and questions to think about what the story teaches us. Can you create your own artwork relating to the story? See documents.


MFL: French- Linguafun- use the username and password sent to you.

  • Use the website to explore French vocabulary. Choose a unit that interests you and explore it. Can you explore more than one? Remind yourself of basic phrases you might need when you start French at secondary school such as- Hello, How are you? My name is.., I am … years old, I live in ….   etc.


RESEARCH: DK Find Out ( or Kiddle search ( Espresso (Username: student6062 Password: waving) Key Stage 2 Geography Espresso Passport

  • Find out about different countries. Choose two countries from different continents to compare and contrast. Find out any similarities and differences. What interesting facts can you find?


TV TIME: BBC Newsround- What are the local, national and global stories?

  • Watch some horrible history shows- try to focus on World War 1 & 2 or our Summer Term topic- The Ancient Greeks. However- watch what you find interesting- can you record some facts to amaze me with?

  • Watch some episodes of Operation Ouch to find out lots of interesting things about your body.



  • St. Mary’s Sock Olympics!! See documents
  • Upcycle! Use items from your recycling to make something cool. A model, a piece of art or something else.
  • Draw a self-portrait. What do you look like now?
  • Design and make a poster of all the ways we can look after the earth.





  • Quiz time! Can you think of ten questions about the earth today? You could use your research about countries to help you write questions. Try them out on someone! How many can they answer correctly?
  • Boy Girl- Everyone grab a notepad and divide your page into Girl, Boy, Animal, Food & Drink, Person and Place, working your way through the alphabet with only one-minute to fill in answers for each letter and category.
  • Statues- Tire everyone out with a game of Statues! Everyone dances around to their favourite songs, before you stop each track when they least expect it – making them hold their pose and become statues. Players are eliminated for wobbling, laughing or falling over!


MINDFULNESS ACTIVITY: Bubble breathing: Sit comfortably with your eyes closed.  Begin by imagining you are holding a bubble wand. Breathe in deeply and then, as you breathe out slowly and gently, imagine you are blowing bubbles into the room. Imagine the bubbles are filled with peace or love or happiness and that you are filling the whole room with a peaceful, happy feeling. As you keep breathing slowly and blowing your imaginary bubbles, feel your body become calm and relaxed.


40 ACTS OF KINDNESS: see link.




BBC BITESIZE: If you are still looking for things to do then look at the BBC Bitesize website for different lessons. Complete any you think will help your learning or you are interested in.


COVID 19 TIME CAPSULE: In the documents there is a Covid 19 Time Capsule pack which will help you keep a special record of this time. This time in our lives will always be a part of history- so keep this to share with your family and future family. 


We Belong Together

Hakuna Matata!

Dance Project 2020 Tunes!

You know what to do!!

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You know what to do!!


Welcome to our Year 6 class page. We hope you find this page informative and interesting. We will be adding more over time but you can find out lots of information about our class here. Weekly homework, spelling lists and termly Creative Kickstart homework will be posted for you but also key information about our learning will be shared with you. Scroll to the bottom to see some interesting pictures in our class gallery! Thanks for visiting, Year 6 children and Mrs Ratcliffe. 

Curriculum Subjects


Upper Keystage 2 - Year 6 


The children in our Year 6 class are taught a wide variety of subjects and topics from the National Curriculum. They are assessed using Milestone 3 which assesses their understanding of the topics taught. Throughout upper key stage 2 they will be assessed using a basic, advancing or deep understanding of their learning, using the milestone criteria. 

Year 6 pupils will also be formally assessed in May with their end of key stage- Secondary ready tests. They will be assessed by the teacher using the interim standards provided by the government. 

What subjects do we cover?

• English: Writing, Reading and Communication
• Mathematics: To know and use numbers, Multiplication and division, fractions, properties of shape, position, direction and movement, measures, statistics and algebra
• Science: working scientifically, biology, chemistry and physics
• Art and Design Technology
• Computing
• Music
• History
• Geography
• Physical Education
• Religious Education
• Personal development and Citizenship, including our school Christian values
• MFL- French

Although subjects are considered discrete we teach as much of the curriculum as possible through themes and topics throughout the year.
We focus on our school Christian values throughout Year 5 and 6 and develop the children’s roles within school through giving them jobs to do, rewarding Year 6 children with Values stripes for their achievements and developing restorative leading skills.

This is our school. With God’s help we care for one another, are curious in our learning, and know we are all loved.


Luke 10:27  'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbour as yourself.'


Love  Learn  Grow

Key Class Information:

PE days are on Tuesday & Thursday. Except Autumn Term 2 (from October half term to Christmas break) when we swap our Thursday session to Monday afternoons for Dance sessions.


Library sessions are on a Wednesday afternoon.


Spellings are given out and tested on Mondays.

Times tables are tested on Thursdays.

Written Homework is given out on Thursdays and due back the following Tuesday.

Reading records are checked on Fridays

Reading books are changed on Mondays and Fridays but can be changed any day if needed. 


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