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Welcome to Home Learning in the second half of the summer term.  I hope you are keeping safe and well during this difficult time.  As we cannot be together as the moment, I will be using this page to post learning activities and ideas for you to complete at home.   This will be updated every weekend and I will ensure there are activities and ideas to extend your imagination and your learning.

Please keep safe and look after each other - I am missing you all,


 heartsmileyMrs Hayessmileyheart

Home Learning weekly tasks

Each week you will be given:  a research task, some physical activities, a computer based activity, some reading, spellings and keywords, topic based research task, quick fire maths called 'Fluency in 5 minutes,' a TV programme to watch, a practical activity, a pencil and paper game, a mindfulness activity, an act of kindness called '40 Acts'


Every two weeks you will be given:  a creative writing task


Long term:  Creative Kickstart Homework


Links to useful websites can be found by scrolling down this page - under the heading 'Useful Links'

Home Learning week beginning 29th June 2020 - Welcome to the second half of the Summer term (strange times but good luck and keep smiling)

Assembly  - 'Made to be me' with Rachel Foster

Practical activity - Draw a poster to encourage your family to brush their teeth regularly.

Computing - Use the link to create a game called 'Flappy Bird'

Times Tables Rock Stars - keep going with your times tables practice (use your own username and password). 

Physical activity - Play 'Simon Says' with lots of movement challenges, e.g. Simon says do 5 start jumps.

Reading -  Find out all about Nelson Mandela (see below)


Group 1 - deer, dear, rein, reign, couldn't, wouldn't, explained, decreased, relive, they'll, antifreeze, shallow, nonsense, coolest, fruit, build

Group 2 - lazy, lazier, laziest, heavy, heavier, heaviest, messy, messier, messiest, messily, looked, called

Group 3 - kilt, tilt, quilt, felt, Celt, melt, belt, spelt, an, at, if, in

NOTE - remember to check the meaning of any words that are unfamiliar

Topic based research - Science.  Write a quiz on how shadows are formed, see below for a PowerPoint presentation to help you.

Fluency in 5 minutes:  Quick-fire addition questions (See below)

KIRFs - please find below your new KIRFs for this half term, which is to learn your 8x tables and division facts.  Ask someone to test you with some questions such as ?x8=32 and 8x?=64

TV - use this link to find out all about 'Exploring synonyms and antonyms

Paper and pencil activity - Doodling.  Create lots of variations of the same thing, e.g. cats

Mindfulness activity - Wildlife Colouring (see below)

40 Acts of Kindness - Be brave and try something you find hard. 

Creative Writing -  Your 2 weekly creative writing task is to write a story about a character called Poppy and her dog Jasper on a flying adventure.   There are lots of documents below to help you.

Creative Kickstart - Create a model of Stonehenge, see below for details of this long-term project.

Charanga - Go to 'Songs for Ages 7 to 9' and then 'Launch other songs' to sing 'Say No! Sat Stop!'

Linguafun - you can use this site to play a range of games and activities to help develop your French, or other languages (details below in useful links)



Home Learning

Home Learning 1

Keystage 2 - Year 3 Curriculum


Year 3 pupils are taught a wide variety of subjects from the New Curriculum and are assessed throughout the year against milestone 2. Throughout lower key stage 2 they will be assessed using a basic, advancing or deep understanding of their learning, using the milestone criteria.


What subjects do we cover?

• English: Writing, Reading and Communication
• Mathematics: To know and use numbers, multiplication and division, fractions, properties of shape,    position, direction and movement, measures, statistics and algebra
• Science: working scientifically, biology, chemistry and physics
• Art and Design Technology
• Computing
• Music
• History
• Geography
• Physical Education
• Religious Education
• Personal development and Citizenship, including our school Christian Values.
• MFL- French


Although there are all these discrete subjects, many are taught through a themed approach through a range of exciting topics and themes throughout the school year. In the Year 3 Class, our Christian school values are deeply embedded and every day we discuss our belief of the day which links to our focused Christian value for the half term.

Quick-fire addition questions

Quick-fire addition questions 1
Creative writing documents:
Instructions for Scratch game 'Spiral Rider' and 'Pong', 'Make it Fly' and ‘Make Music’ cards:
Creative Kickstart Homework:
Other useful documents:

Key Class information, including homework


  • Pupils are reminded to change their reading books every morning
  • Please send in a PE kit on a Monday and we will send it home every Friday for washing
  • Spelling Test – Monday (Results sent home on Friday in Home School Record Book)
  • Change library books – every Thursday
  • Multiplication/Division tests – Thursday (Results sent home on Friday in Home School Record Book)
  • Reading Homework – please read with your child at least 3 times a week (Checked every Friday)
  • KIRFs – Key Instant Recall Facts (Maths – one sheet is sent home each half-term and children are tested at the end of each half-term)
  • Creative Kickstart Homework – one piece of creative homework each half-term, details and hand-in dates will be sent out at the beginning of each half-term

KIRFs - Key Instant Recall Facts are designed to support the development of the mental skills that underpin much of the mathematics work in school.  They are particularly useful when calculating, be it adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing.  Each half term, children will be assessed in their year group's KIRF.

Creative Kickstart - this is given out at the beginning of each half term with details and hand-in date
Useful Links

A selection of poems written by Year 3 - haikus and kennings

Class Gallery

Science Week - March

St David's Day - wear something yellow

St David's Day - wear something yellow 1

Viking Runes Tile (February)

'Car Park' Science (February 2020)

Clock faces using Roman numerals

'Creature in Amber' - art project using glass pebbles (January 2020)

Year 1 and Year 3 learning together (December 2019)


The children made a tin foil boat and predicted how many coins it would hold.  They placed their boat in water and kept adding coins until the boat sank.  Using what they had observed from their first design, they made a second tin foil boat and checked whether they had improved the design.



1st - the best boat held 230 coins

2nd - the second best boat held 108 coins

3rd - the third best boat held 100 coins

Buoyancy (December 2019)



Help!  We are treasure hunting in South America and one of our party needs urgent medical attention as a poisonous spider has bitten them.  We have no means of getting across the Amazon River to the hospital.  We have lollipop sticks and elastic bands, so we are building a message-sending catapult.

Catapult making (December 2019)

Dance - Strike a Pose! (December 2019)

All ready for the Christmas show! (December 2019)

Cooking Mince Pies (December 2019)

Forest School (September 2019)