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Welcome to Year 1's Home Learning!


Hello to my wonderful Year 1 class and, of course, your wonderful families. 


WOW! is it really the last term of the school year already? 

I hope you all had a wonderful half term. I'm glad the sun was shining down on you and hope you all managed to get out and have some fun, whether that be in your gardens having a BBQ, or going out for a picnic somewhere. 


Our topic this term is 'Marvellous inventors'.  This is a great chance for your children to let out their inner inventor. They could create their own recipe, which adults you must try of course, even if it is chocolate mixed with peas! They could design a new game to play or a new dance routine. The options are endless. Have fun with the topic :) 


Below are a list of topic related learning options. Once again, please remember even more important than any work listed below is your wellbeing and the achieve something each day that makes you smile!


The website will be updated weekly (by 12pm each Monday) 


Miss Thame


I have loved seeing the pictures you have been sending in so far. They really have put a smile on my face so thank you smiley. Please keep sharing your amazing home learning with us by sending your photos to the office which can then be put on the website. This does not have to be the work listed below. 


Home learning week beginning 13th July 2020



Challenge for children and parents over the Summer holidays:

Please continue to read as much as possible and help your parents as much as possible over the holidays.

Most importantly to both children and parents, have a wonderful Summer. I know it will not be the Summer we all had in mind, we may be limited as to where we can go or who we can see, but please make sure you do something each day that makes you smile.

It has been a strange academic year for us all, but I cannot emphasis enough how proud I am of each and every member of the year 1 class. Not only for all their academic achievements, but their resilience through an unexpected time that will one day be a distant memory to share in their futures with their children.


Year 1’s as you enter year 2 next year you can do so with proud smiles on your faces. Miss Faid, who has been teaching the years 1’s since going back to school, has told me how wonderful and sensible you have been and how she can really tell you are all so ready for year 2 (those at home as well).


Have a wonderful Summer everyone😊


Bitesize have daily lessons on their website that are brilliant.



Super movers is a fantastic site for children to recap and learn English skills through singing and dancing.



Below I have linked the complete set of keywords. If your children are still working on reading these then please keep working on them with them. 

If your child has learnt to read all key words by sight, they can continue learning to write and spell them correctly as this is something we were focusing a lot on before lockdown. 

You could ask your child to write the word a few times and then ask them to put the word into a sentence. To challenge them further can they put the word into a sentence without the word in front of them?



 Audiobook of the week: I Want More Ketchup Please by Adam Bestwick


I have included below some daily activities for each day of this week focusing on the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside’ by Julia Donaldson

In case you do not have this book here is the link for the story on youtube.



These are links for the children to re-learn their phase 5 sounds.

Focus – phase 5

Apply/Phonics games:


You could also play some phonics games with your child


Hide and seek the sound

I spy with my little eye the sound…..

You could also choose a sound and tell your child you are going to have a competition with them and see how many words each of you could write for the sound. To extend this you could then ask your child to put one of the words into a sentence.



Summer 2 06.07.2020. See link below



There is a NEW creative writing task. Supporting documents below.  



White Rose home learning

Please use the White Rose link as it has the lessons and activities available on there.

We are now on ‘Week 12’


Maths challenges away from the screen – These may include games to recap learning.

1.How many different ways can you make the number 24? e.g 20+4=24 or 30-6=24.


2.Can you write all the number bonds of 10 and 20 in your books including subtraction – 10-4=6.


Super movers is a fantastic site for children to recap and learn maths skills through singing and dancing.


 Hit the button is an ongoing useful resource for number bonds of 20, doubles and halving:



This week I have attached below some fun Science experiments to complete. You can put a photograph of your work or write your findings in your yellow books.


PE: (options)


Continue with Joe Wicks every day at 9am on YouTube "PE with Joe":


Continue with Cosmic Yoga


BBC sounds – This link is 20 minutes long and guides children through a fun dance lesson



Explore and enjoy –




You were sent a letter on parent mail so your child can login onto Charanga Yumu. I have set up an ‘assignment’ for your child to work through each step.


A fun website for making your own music.



Rachel from Bridgebuilder has loaded a worship online which you may like to take a look at 



BBC Newsround local, national and global stories




There are fantastic and fun ideas on these websites of creative tasks to complete.


 Recipe of the week: 

Frozen yogurt lollies – perfect for a hopefully warm Summer break!



Jigsaw puzzles, card games, board games could all be a break from modern technology

Gonoodle – The children LOVE GoNoodle and it is free to sign up.


 Mindfulness and wellbeing:

I came across this ‘happy song for positive energy’ it might be something nice for the children to put on and dance too if their wellbeing is low.


Below I have attached a picture of a resource the children can make that may be helpful for your children to self-regulate their emotions. This is titled - Wellbeing stages. The resource represents a traffic light system of wellbeing and emotions.

Green – calm and happy, a high wellbeing.

Yellow – wellbeing has dropped. They are maybe struggling to concentrate, not listening, possibly fidgeting or showing signs of upset.

Red – Lowest wellbeing. Your child may be scared, crying or angry.

The children can use this resource to assess how they are feeling and what they could do to help get themselves back to the green stage.

It is important the children have a voice in choosing what they are going to have as options to bring their wellbeing back to green.

I hope this is helpful.


This video talks the children through child friendly meditation to support their wellbeing.



Can you achieve one of these each day? See link below.



Curriculum Letter


40 Acts of Kindness

Wellbeing and Mindfullness

Phonics sounds

Curriculum Subjects


Keystage 1 - Year 1


Year 1 pupils are taught a wide variety of subjects from the New Curriculum. 

Throughout the year they are assessed against milestones. Milestone 1 broadly covers Years 1 and 2. By the end of the school year your chid will be either approaching, at or past the milestone with a basic, advancing or deep understanding.

What subjects do we cover?

 English: Writing, Reading and Communication
 Mathematics: To know and use numbers, Multiplication and division, fractions, properties of shape,    

     position, direction and movement, measures, statistics and algebra

 Science: working scientifically, biology, chemistry and physics
 Art and Design Technology
 Computing
 Music
 History
 Geography
 Physical Education
 Religious Education
 Personal development and Citizenship
 Languages

Although there are discrete subjects, many are taught through a themed approach in school where subjects are combined. 

Key Class information


Reading and Reading Records          Monday       

Children in Year 1 are expected to read 5x a week.

Reading records will be checked every Monday. Children must read a minimum of 5x to receive a sticker.

Spellings Monday Spellings will be sent home each Monday and children will be tested on them the following Monday. A good way to support you children with spellings is to get them to apply the words into a sentence whilst they are learning them. 
Keywords Monday Children working towards their certificates for key words will have their set of words sent home each Monday and will be assessed on them the following Monday. To move on to the next set they must be able to read their set of words fluently without segmenting and blending. 
P.E Monday and Wednesdays This Spring half term children have Gymnastics on Mondays and P.E on Wednesdays. 
Homework Wednesday Homework will marked each Wednesday and new homework will be sent home on the same day. 
Creative Kickstarts Tuesday 4th February 2020  For this half term the children's Creative Kickstart is to make a house out of any resource of their choosing.  This may be a house like the one they live in if they choose or it could be another type of house e.g tree house, sweet house, igloo etc smiley.
KIRFS Each half term These will be sent home every half term for the children to work on at home.


Useful Links



Class Gallery


Forest School Autumn term

Exploring primary and secondary colours in Art


Art - To create their fabulous fruit bowl art pieces the children used thick and thin brushes and added white to lighten colours.