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Welcome to Year 1's Home Learning!


Hello to my wonderful Year 1 class and, of course, your wonderful families. I hope you are keeping safe and well during this time.

As we will now be learning away from school, I will be using this page to post learning activities and ideas for you to complete to support your learning at home. This will be updated every Monday. Learning should be made fun, active and as engaging as possible. There will be a range of activities, videos available and interesting links. However, don’t forget all the skills you can learn away from the screen. Go on a minibeast hunt in the garden, bake lots of mouth watering goodies or help make the dinner, plan and create something genius out of junk modelling and take lots of active breaks. Most importantly…..dont forget to read! Read to your grown-ups, read to your siblings, read to your teddies (teddies LOVE stories!).

Keep all the fun you get up to in your work book so we can reflect on it all when we are back at school 😊.

Miss Thame


Home learning week beginning 30th March 2020



First week of home school complete!

Remember this is not work that has to all be completed in one day. At St Mary’s Wavendon we appreciate that children will not focus in the same way. For starters the temptation of their favourite toys are not at school unlike at home! We really believe we are all in this together and that we are all doing the very best we can at this time so I just wanted to say a big well done for all you did with your children last week. You are doing a fantastic job!!!!!

I will leave a link below for last weeks links etc so you can still access any videos or learning to recap over with your children.


Challenge for the children:

Can you make your own bed every morning? It doesn’t have to be perfect! Like everything it is about having a go and trying your best. For any children that already make their own beds……can you make your grown-ups beds too?!

This is sure to put a smile on their face😊


Easter activities:

With Easter holidays beginning next week I have found a few websites with ideas of activities your children could do or you could do as a family during this time. I hope this is helpful.  




 Have a look at the book suggestions. Also remember though it is okay to read any books the children want to read.

I have also suggested in my letter to the children that they write to me in their yellow books a short paragraph about a book they read this week that they enjoyed the most – this can be accompanied by a picture.



Audiobook of the week: Eat your Peas by Kes Gray



Recap -

Focus – phase 5

Learning  - o-e :

Learning – e-e:

Phase 5 split diagraphs:  


You could write a sentence for your children with each split diagraph in and ask them to read it back to you 😊


Apply/Phonics games:



Spring 2 Weeks 6. See link below



 Continue with creative Writing Task - Diary Writing. See link below



White Rose home learning. There are 5 lessons per week and 2 weeks worth altogether linked to measurement. Each lesson has a video and then an assessment sheet that the children could complete at home, print and stick in their yellow books – please do not worry if you do not have a printer. Instead the children could write the title e.g Weight and Mass and then write their answers.  I will also link below some images of activates the children could complete related to this focus.


Challenge activity: So not all maths is online I have linked below an activity your children could complete around the house. They could make their own tape measures and measure different objects in the home, using keywords to describe them. In addition the baking task I have included below (although included as a DT/fun task) is maths related :)


Children can continue with looking at KIRFs see link and Hit the button number bonds of 20, doubles as this is great to secure knowledge:



Focus: categorising animals – What do animals eat – Omnivores, Herbivores and Carnivores.

I will link some useful videos here than your children can watch to support their knowledge. I will also link below a venn diagram that the children can either print or draw into their books and draw and label animals within the correct sections.

Videos –


The first link is to a website with lots of animals facts for your children to access. The second link is a game they could play related to the topic. There are however different games related to animals on the site for them to play.


We have looked and venn diagrams in year 1 however here is a link to help them recap on this learning before completing the task -   



Animals around the world. 

Here are some links for your children to look at animals in different habitats.

This is a fun game they could follow up with or they could choose an animal and draw a picture in their book of it in its habitat.  

Zoo Live Cams: 

These zoos have set up live cams for people to watch the animals online. Although the children cannot get out to the zoo they can watch them and maybe write about what they see the animals get up to in their books. They could choose an animal to observe over the week and write a diary entry for each day they watch the animal. 

San Diego Zoo live cam- 

Edinburgh Zoo live cam -



Continue with Joe Wicks everyday at 9am on YouTube "PE with Joe":


Cosmic Yoga is another lovely channel which will be good for not only exercise but mindfulness and wellbeing. The children have knowledge of cosmic yoga, they love it! They love that you can choose which story the can do yoga actions to.



Explore and enjoy -



You were sent a letter on parent mail so your child can login onto Charanga Yumu. I have set up an ‘assignment’ your for child to work through each step.




This is an Easter activity for the children to complete. It includes a link to the Easter story for the children to watch:  



BBC Newsround local, national and global stories



Using junk modelling, paint, drawing or any other resource of your choosing can you make and create a mammal following last weeks science. Take a photo or draw this and put it into the yellow book 😊.


 Recipe of the week:

I thought I would find and share with you some recipes that involve less ingredients that may be a little harder to come by in the shops at the moment e.g eggs.


These are banana muffins. They taste amazing. When I baked them I didn’t have walnuts in the house so I used some frozen blueberries but you could add anything you wanted e.g chocolate chips.



Jigsaw puzzles, card games, board games could all be a break from modern technology


 Mindfulness and wellbeing:

This video talks the children through child friendly meditation to support their wellbeing.



Can you achieve one of these each day? See link below.




40 Acts of Kindness


Previous Weeks Learning

Phonics sounds

Phonics sounds 1
Phonics sounds 2
Phonics sounds 3

Curriculum Subjects


Keystage 1 - Year 1


Year 1 pupils are taught a wide variety of subjects from the New Curriculum. 

Throughout the year they are assessed against milestones. Milestone 1 broadly covers Years 1 and 2. By the end of the school year your chid will be either approaching, at or past the milestone with a basic, advancing or deep understanding.

What subjects do we cover?

 English: Writing, Reading and Communication
 Mathematics: To know and use numbers, Multiplication and division, fractions, properties of shape,    

     position, direction and movement, measures, statistics and algebra

 Science: working scientifically, biology, chemistry and physics
 Art and Design Technology
 Computing
 Music
 History
 Geography
 Physical Education
 Religious Education
 Personal development and Citizenship
 Languages

Although there are discrete subjects, many are taught through a themed approach in school where subjects are combined. 

Key Class information


Reading and Reading Records          Monday       

Children in Year 1 are expected to read 5x a week.

Reading records will be checked every Monday. Children must read a minimum of 5x to receive a sticker.

Spellings Monday Spellings will be sent home each Monday and children will be tested on them the following Monday. A good way to support you children with spellings is to get them to apply the words into a sentence whilst they are learning them. 
Keywords Monday Children working towards their certificates for key words will have their set of words sent home each Monday and will be assessed on them the following Monday. To move on to the next set they must be able to read their set of words fluently without segmenting and blending. 
P.E Monday and Wednesdays This Spring half term children have Gymnastics on Mondays and P.E on Wednesdays. 
Homework Wednesday Homework will marked each Wednesday and new homework will be sent home on the same day. 
Creative Kickstarts Tuesday 4th February 2020  For this half term the children's Creative Kickstart is to make a house out of any resource of their choosing.  This may be a house like the one they live in if they choose or it could be another type of house e.g tree house, sweet house, igloo etc smiley.
KIRFS Each half term These will be sent home every half term for the children to work on at home.


Useful Links



Class Gallery


Forest School Autumn term

Exploring primary and secondary colours in Art


Art - To create their fabulous fruit bowl art pieces the children used thick and thin brushes and added white to lighten colours.