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Year 1

Welcome to our Year 1 Class!


WOW we are now in the Spring term! Where has the first term gone? 

The children worked so hard in the Autumn term and have already made so many big jumps in their learning.


This term our topic is 'Houses and Homes'.  

The children will be looking at the development of houses over history, comparing different materials in Science and in English we will be retelling The Three Little Pigs.


Please scroll down for any key information, the latest homework and useful links.


Curriculum Subjects


Keystage 1 - Year 1


Year 1 pupils are taught a wide variety of subjects from the New Curriculum. 

Throughout the year they are assessed against milestones. Milestone 1 broadly covers Years 1 and 2. By the end of the school year your chid will be either approaching, at or past the milestone with a basic, advancing or deep understanding.

What subjects do we cover?

 English: Writing, Reading and Communication
 Mathematics: To know and use numbers, Multiplication and division, fractions, properties of shape,    

     position, direction and movement, measures, statistics and algebra

 Science: working scientifically, biology, chemistry and physics
 Art and Design Technology
 Computing
 Music
 History
 Geography
 Physical Education
 Religious Education
 Personal development and Citizenship
 Languages

Although there are discrete subjects, many are taught through a themed approach in school where subjects are combined. 

Key Class information


Reading and Reading Records          Monday       

Children in Year 1 are expected to read 5x a week.

Reading records will be checked every Monday. Children must read a minimum of 5x to receive a sticker.

Spellings Monday Spellings will be sent home each Monday and children will be tested on them the following Monday. A good way to support you children with spellings is to get them to apply the words into a sentence whilst they are learning them. 
Keywords Monday Children working towards their certificates for key words will have their set of words sent home each Monday and will be assessed on them the following Monday. To move on to the next set they must be able to read their set of words fluently without segmenting and blending. 
P.E Monday and Wednesdays This Spring half term children have Gymnastics on Mondays and P.E on Wednesdays. 
Homework Wednesday Homework will marked each Wednesday and new homework will be sent home on the same day. 
Creative Kickstarts Tuesday 4th February 2020  For this half term the children's Creative Kickstart is to make a house out of any resource of their choosing.  This may be a house like the one they live in if they choose or it could be another type of house e.g tree house, sweet house, igloo etc smiley.
KIRFS Each half term These will be sent home every half term for the children to work on at home.


Useful Links



Class Gallery


Forest School Autumn term

Exploring primary and secondary colours in Art


Art - To create their fabulous fruit bowl art pieces the children used thick and thin brushes and added white to lighten colours.