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Reading and Phonics

Reading: At St. Mary’s Wavendon CE Primary School all of our early reading books are colour banded. Your child will be given a colour band to choose their home reading book from which will help to ensure that the book they select is the right reading level for them. Every colour band includes books from a range of reading schemes so that they will experience a range of stories, text types and illustrations. The majority of books within the very early book bands can be decoded using phonics skills and knowledge, with a specific phonics based scheme for Early Years and Key Stage 1 from the ‘Phonics books’ scheme. As the children become more fluent readers they will then move through the bands and onto ‘Free readers’ where they can choose from a wide variety of texts in class sets or from the library. We also have dyslexic- friendly texts and more challenging phonics based schemes for older children who find reading more difficult or who have a specific educational need.


Phonics: The children in Foundation will have daily phonics sessions using the ‘Letters and Sounds’ DfE programme and our Jolly phonics scheme. The children in Key Stage 1 have phonics four times a week. Once is a whole class sessions and 3 sessions where they are grouped according to their phase, following the DfE publication ‘Letters and Sounds’. A copy of an information leaflet sent to all parents can be requested or found below: